Laugh At Sales Bloopers!

Norma Miniaci, a Thirty-One distributor, shared her funny business story  on the radio last week!  This story won the Cash Flow Show sweepstakes earlier this year.

Sales bloopers happen to all of us and this one is funny, true, and shows you that things always work out for the best!

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Party Plan Sales Bloopers

As a newer consultant Norma was eager to book parties with friends. One friend had been saying that she wanted to get together so when she picked a date Norma assumed that she wanted to have a party!

The date and arrival time was set and she told Norma there were about 12 friends coming, etc. Being an eager new consultant Norma even offered to bring a treat. She showed up at the party all gung ho for a stellar presentation!

As the host answered the door and invited Norma in she looked a bit confused as to all the extra bags. Norma then proceeded to tell her – do not worry – just direct me to a table and I will do all the rest.

She presented her with the “treat” and went about setting up all the Thirty-One items in perfect order as she had rehearsed at home.

People began arriving and she introduced herself and again Norma noticed some confused looks but just shrugged it off.

After everyone arrived, Norma ushered everyone into the living room and then began her rehearsed spiel and introduced and thanked the lovely hostess. The party was a slow start but by the end it was a hit and she ended up with $800 in sales at her very first home party!

She was so proud. As everyone was mingling and enjoying the food afterwards she continued with her consultant duties and went about packing up each item with care and proudly told the Hostess how much she had earned in FREE products!!

Norma Miniaci Got A Shock!

At this point the hostess said:

Norma, I am so happy for all the great FREE products I am getting but I have something to tell you. This was a girls’ get together – not a party! I was going to book a party with you later on but I did not have the heart to tell you when you arrived and everyone had fun and loved the products!

Norma was dumbfounded and just stood there with huge eyes. She did not know whether to cry, run or laugh. So she broke out into hysterics to the point of almost crying. We all laughed and laughed until we almost wet our pants!

She was soooooooooooo embarrassed but it went off well and in the end the hostess was happy with the products she got for FREE!!!

Norma Jean Miniaci
Lesson learned – make sure the party your Hostess is holding is indeed for you and your products! What an amazing friend… LOL

Host coaching will make sure this never happens to YOU!

Norma Jean Miniaci, Thirty-One
Got any good sales bloopers?

Share it in the comments below, please!!

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