Please Stop Trying!!

Direct sales success depends on doing, not trying!

Are You “TRYING” or are you Doing?!

Please just do it or don’t!

When I hear someone say “I am trying to…” my first thought is “Either do it or don’t, but please stop trying.”
Please stop tryingPeople who try rarely succeed and people who do always succeed.

Are you really committed to your business, diet, or whatever change that you are “trying” to accomplish?

The very definition of commitment is to consistently do something until you succeed.

So, when you are fully committed, you go all the way through with your plans or goals until you achieve them.

Please! Stop Trying & Just Do It!

It’s all or nothing.

You do not “try” you DO until success is achieved.

  • Trying is lying.
  • Trying is whining.
  • Trying is not commitment!
  • Trying is an excuse!

Direct Sales Success Stories Are Doers!

People who are focused on success recognize that DOing sometimes requires a change of plans. People never fail. Systems fail.

When the system that is being used is not working, the “tryers” quit.

When the system is not working, the DOer finds a new system and stays committed as long as it takes to find the right system or technique that will bring the desired result.

Are you a DO-er or a TRY-er?

Be committed to your goals and dreams and PLEASE stop trying!

Just do it or don’t!!

Stop Trying – Instead You Are Training!

My friend, NFL football player, Eric Boles shared something on the radio show a few years back…. his take on it is that he is in training.

  • I am training to be a good Dad!
  • I am training to be a direct selling success!
  • I am training to earn the trip!

Are YOU TRYING To Succeed?

Please share some tips in the comment box below about how you have persevered in your direct sales business and succeeded in reaching your goals after being tempted to quit.

Share with us an example of how you are direct sales success story because you are a DOer – someone always in training!


    It is all about doing, not trying….
    Congratulations for being a do-er, Michelle!

    Shared by: Michelle:

    I agree with you – I am an animal! I have been the Top Selling Consultant in my company 2 months in a row. My team has had the most promotions this month and we had the top recruiting consultant. I make time to ask everyone to do business with me – join, book or buy. My business is part of who I am and sharing the opportunity to do business with me is what I do; to do otherwise is robbing people of an opportunity to change the way they buy or the way they earn their living. I make it my business to reach out to everyone I meet to let them know that I may be able to help them with a product or the business opportunity.

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