A Trade Show Is Just Like Living Life!

I have been attending a lot of trade shows and vendor fairs lately, so this topic has been on my mind.

It seems as though what works on the trade show floor also works in life and vice versa.

Trade Show Is A Micro-Life

  • On the trade show floor you are judged by your appearance!

Cheesy, ugly booths do not attract crowds! A colorful, well-designed booth does.
Trade Shows

Image provided by Orgami Owl consultant, Tamara Magarowicz.

We are not talking about money here, but just in appearance. I have seen booths which cost a fortune and still look cheesy.

Creativity counts more than money invested!

Your personal appearance matters too!
Dress for success…. that means think about how you usually dress in your business or at your home parties.

Don’t wear a suit or an evening gown if that is not what you usually wear to work.  At the same time, khakis may be appropriate if that is what you usually do business in, but always be sure to look the part!

You are judged by your appearance constantly so use that to your advantage.

  • Your body language will speak more loudly than your words!

Some people staffing an expo booth apparently believe all the guests have swine flu! They may talk only to each other, avoid eye contact and generally do not seem to care.

If you are going to give a trade show a whole day of your time… work it, baby!!

Trade show training is part of the Power Up For Professional Results program and also available as a stand alone step by step trade show training guide.

You may think that you are wasting your time and if you think that, then you are correct!  Often vendors at trade shows do not want to waste time on the little fish but forget that a big fish may be watching!

Learn more about how to qualify leads at trade shows.

Actions are everything – your facial expression, gestures and eye movement convey a ton of information to anyone watching.

  • Love the one you are with!

If there are 600 people at the event but only one in your booth then that person is the most important person in the whole room.  Treat them well!

Treat everyone well who stops to talk to you… you never know which one will place the big order or may be your next top achiever.

One of the biggest mistakes I see these days is the vendor who is checking his/her phone or PDA and missing out on LIVE people walking by!

  • Have FUN!

Some of the people staffing the booths look as if they were sentenced to a prison term! Why would anyone want to stop and talk to them!?

The ones who are standing up, laughing, talking and having fun – smiling and looking you in they eyes – they are the ones we are drawn to!

Like all of life we should be sure to choose to have FUN at trade shows too!

  • It is really NOT about YOU!

The best booths are not the ones with the priciest or most elaborate set-up. They are not even the ones who are giving away the best chocolate.

The best booths are the ones with the best engagement…. staffed by people who actually talk and engage with the guests. They have good screening questions, they ask what you do, or where you live or what problem can they solve for you.

The worst booths are staffed by someone who just goes on and on about their company and shoves literature or a card into your hand.

Trade Shows Are Like Life

Trade shows are like living life and sharing your business everywhere you go.

  • How you look counts!
  • How you act counts!
  • Your focus on others is key!
  • You’ve got to be having fun or you are wasting your time!


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