What Is A Professional?

Recently I listened to am NPR radio show about being a professional.

I learned that being a professional is not really what most people think these days!

What Is A Professional?

I have always said that when you treat your direct sales and marketing business like a professional you will get professional results….

My saying obviously relates to the currently accepted definitions.

When you look up the word professional in a modern dictionary it says:

  1. of, relating to, or connected with a profession. (synonyms: white-collar, non-manual)
  2. (of a person) engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as a pastime. (synonyms: paid, salaried)
  3. a person engaged or qualified in a profession. (synonyms: white-collar worker, office worker)

What Is a professional

What I learned on the radio show is that the real answer to what is a professional comes originally from people who had a calling (often but not always religious) or passion.

When they announced their calling to the world without fear they became a professional in that calling.

  • A professional is someone who professes their commitment to something that they are passionate about!

The show guest, Peter Norton (Historian of Science, Technology and Society) shared that to profess your passions and commitments takes courage.

He talked about the the efforts that are always necessary when you are a professional and the commitments and sacrifices necessary.

A true professional enjoys the process of perusing their passions, in addition to the fulfillment attained and the ability to recognize the long, sometimes lonely, road that someone who professes must walk!

When one professes – they often meet resistance from people who are important to them but they must continue to maintain their commitment!

Interesting!!!!  Don’t you find this fascinating?

This obviously relates to professing your professionalism in a home business!

Profess Your Professionalism Below

Please share your professionalism in the comments below!

Why are you a professional direct seller!?


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