Work Life Balance Tips = Priorities

The first step to having a balanced work and family life is to have an understanding of what is important to you.
Work Life Balance
Are the priorities in your life balanced with your time commitments?

When I was working in the corporate world, I was out of balance emotionally so I was unable to find balance in my personal life or my business world.

Work Life Balance Tips

The following exercise was one of the instrumental influences that convinced me to take the step of leaving my 30-year career.

All the work & life balance tips in the world will not help if you are not giving the important things the time they deserve!

Now as a business and life coach I frequently use this exercise as a tool in getting new clients on track with their priorities in life.
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Set aside some personal quiet time to consider the following questions without interruptions.

What Are Your Work, Family, Life Priorities?

  • Make a list of the top 10 priorities in your life. This is a list of what your emotional priorities are.

Do not put things on the list because you think they are supposed to be there.

For example you may feel that a “good” son or daughter would prioritize their parents and yet emotionally you do not really feel that they are that important to you. Write down your true priorities, not what you think others would want you to write down…

Think, then examine your thoughts with your heart!

Examine your heart and only put true personal/emotional priorities on your list. Examples may include:

  • Children
  • Home business
  • Hobbies
  • Health
  • Social life
  • Growing a sales team
  • Recreational events
  • Education
Initially just randomly jot down priorities in any order, until you have 10 on the list.

Be specific! Don’t rush! (Take a few days to mull over this for honesty!)

Depending on how you think and feel the list may include your important people’s names and your business and other passions.balance in home party business

Include Your Personal Passions

Do you have a mission to make a difference in the way kids eat now and into the future? This was a passion of mine that made it onto my list.

Is your health a priority?

  • After completing the list, and thinking about it for a few days number the items in the order of importance.

Number one will be the most important and number ten will be the least important on the list.

When you do this from your heart, it will take time. Do not expect to be done in five minutes.

Does Your Time Match Your Worklife List?

When you are happy with your list of heartfelt priorities, set the list aside and do another list.

This one is how you spend your time.

  • What are your top 10 time commitments, in no special order?

Again, it is important to be honest here.

If you spend 30 hours a week driving kids around, then it goes on the list. The time commitments may include:

  • Work
  • School
  • Internet surfing
  • Going to the gym
  • Running kids around
  • Home business
  • Hobbies
  • Etc.
As before, just list them as they pop into your head.

  • When the list is complete, go back and number them by actual quantity of time spent on each one.

Number one will be the most time spent on an item and number ten will be the least time spent.

So maybe work takes 50 hours per week. That may be number one in time spent. If you run the kids around 30 hours per week, that may be number 8 on the list.

Do You Have Work Life Balance?

After you have put your heart and thought into creating these two lists, then ordering them top to bottom, it is time to compare them.

  • Is Your Life Congruent?

When you have work life balance you have a congruent life. Do the lists match?

The numbers on the priority side will balance or match with the numbers on the time side.

A congruent life might, for example, have the number one priority be the kids and have the number one time commitment be quality time with the kids.

The first time I did this work life balance exercise my “job” took up the number one spot on the time list and it was no longer on my priority list at all!! There was a time when my career was top on the list, but after 30 years of successes, my passion was gone.

It was time for me to move on, grow, and become more balanced in all areas of my life.

It is impossible to be happy, content or satisfied with what you are doing when your time is out of balance with your priorities.

Are you congruent?

Do your time commitments match your priorities? It is difficult to be happy if they are not in balance.

How To Achieve Balance In Life

This inconsistency or imbalance results in stress and ineffectiveness in life, both personally and from a business point of view. Use these work life balance tips to create a more congruent life!

  • Is your business a top priority?
  • Are you giving it the time commitment it deserves?
  • Are the kids or grandkids the most important priority in your life?
  • Do you prioritize quality time or just spend time with them when running errands?

When you see that your two lists are out of whack, take the initiative to make the changes that will allow you to live your life to its fullest. So how does this all apply to a balanced business?

For starters, is your business on the list somewhere, and where?

Are you giving it the time it deserves as the priority level indicates?

Most people are not. They put their personal home-based business high on the list of priorities and then low on the list of time invested. In order to get the results you deserve from your business, you absolutely must prioritize it to the level it deserves.

Everything Good Involves Risk

As I said, this exercise is what convinced me to quit my corporate job.

My priorities and time commitments were incongruent. I was not happy in my job or my personal life. Even though the change was a bit on the scary side, the balance of priorities and time created a more comfortable lifestyle.

Do not let your fears disable you from your priorities.

Everything good in life involves risk.

Living your life with priorities and time in balance will assist you in enjoying the process.

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