Stop The Woulda Coulda Shoulda

I am so tired of hearing people say “I Woulda Coulda Shoulda” done this, that or the other thing!

  • If only I would have followed up on those vendor event leads sooner.
  • I should have gone to the team meeting last week!
  • If I could have gotten her on the phone I know it would have been a better show!

Woulda Coulda Shoulda

When you are focused on what you woulda coulda shoulda done then you are living in the past.woulda coulda shoulda

Nothing changes if nothing changes!!

Instead take those past mistakes and do what you woulda done or shoulda done or coulda done NOW!

  • Schedule the time to follow up on all leads within 48 hours of each event! Put the follow up time on your calendar when you schedule the vendor event!
  • Put all the corporate meetings on your calendar now for the rest of the year and go to them!! A meeting is a better use of your time than doing a party because the long term impact will generate more business!
  • Put a system into place that utilizes all forms of communications during hostess coaching so no one falls through the cracks!

The woulda shoulda coulda mentality is an excuse for not doing something today!

What are you making excuses for that you can fix now so that tomorrow you are not wishing you had done it?

Next time you and I are on a coaching call and you say I shoulda done this or that…. I am going to say – get off the phone now¬† and do it then call me back.

Good coaches don’t accept woulda coulda shoulda!

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