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Top 13 Sales Funnel Books That Every CEO Should Read

Discover simple tricks that help you sell almost everything online you have ever thought of.

There is no denying that the success of your online business relies on how you have created the sales funnel and its overall quality. No doubt, the sales funnel plays an important role when it comes to driving and converting more traffic into potent users. As such, more customers means more revenue.

A high-quality and well-structured sales funnel turns random people into loyal customers. Whereas, a sales funnel that's not designed properly won't help you to make money. In short, it would drive away potent buyers and they would go somewhere else. Therefore, having a robust marketing strategy is important for an online business to thrive.

No wonder, marketing strategies account for more than half of what could make your company successful. As a result, entrepreneurs trying to build a brand online are always pursuing different ways to boost their marketing strategies through books.

These books are special because they are written by experts who faced similar situations and have developed intuitive solutions to resolve burning issues. This is why we have compiled a list of the top 13 books on the sales funnel that every CEO should read.

Top 13 Sales Funnel Books That Help You Scale Your Online Business Effectively

Dotcom Secrets

This book is a part of The Secrets Trilogy' and the first one in the series. Russell Brunson is the author of Dotcom Secrets. In case you don't know him, Russell Brunson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Clickfunnels, which is a software company who have excelled in sales funnel. Dotcom secrets is an easy, quick read full of helpful information.

This book is recommended for entrepreneurs both beginners and experienced who want to improve their online business and generate revenue. This book comes with practical scenarios and recommendations in the most engaging way. As such, users find it enjoyable to read in the easiest way possible.

Dotcom Secrets allow you to improve your marketing skills in easy ways without spending your valuable time on unwanted things. No wonder, Dotcom Secrets should be the ultimate book about sales funnel intended for people who require help in terms of generating leads. Without leads, there won't be sales online.

Russell Brunson, who is an expert in the sales funnel, helps you learn intuitive strategies through this book. Besides, these are the same strategies that helped him to grow his company's value to more than $360 million from scratch.

Apart from running split tests for thousand times, he attempted everything that could improve his sales online. Finally, he discovered the right type of sales funnel that works best regardless of any imaginable scenario.

This is exactly what you would learn when you read Dotcom Secrets.

  • The basics around sales funnel and what makes it so effective when it comes to marketing your services or products online
  • Learn the secret formula that helps you to identify your perfect targeted customers, where to find them, and how you should impress them to subscribe to your emails and convert them to loyal customers
  • Learn everything about having an Attractive Character and why it is an important thing when it comes to binding users to your brand. Know when to use it in the right way to create sales copy, write blog posts, run ads, and send automated emails. That way, you can build trust while selling like crazy
  • Get to know the different kinds of funnel frameworks with real-time examples and how you can use them to build funnels
  • And there are many more interesting and important topics that the book covers

The best part about the book is that you can have it for free. However, you need to pay a small amount of money to ship the book. In addition, you can have the audiobook that comes with this book.

Get Dotcom Secrets for free (Dotcom Secrets book review)

Expert Secrets

If you are looking for a roadmap that helps you to convert your specialized abilities, talents, and knowledge into a successful business model, Expert Secrets is the book that you should consider reading. As opinioned by many successful online business owners like Robert Kiyosaki, this book could be one of many shortcuts to becoming rich.

The second book in Secret Trilogy by Russell Brunson, Expert Secrets helps you to master the art of communication between your Attractive Character and the market. If Dotcom Secrets provides you with the framework whose primary goal is to teach you how to create and engage sales funnels so that you can grow your online business, Expert Secrets is the book that teaches you how to persuade.

That way, you can

  • Interact with your targeted audience effectively during the sales process
  • Create mass movement while building raving fans
  • Create a Tripe so that you can become the leader
  • Master the art of storytelling because it allows you to onboard new customers and sells anything online
  • Work on webinar framework, which is the secret of having high ticket clients online
  • And there are many more to explore

Get Expert Secrets for free (Expert Secrets book review)

Traffic Secrets

The final book in Secret Trilogy, the Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson helps you to fill up your sales funnel with the right customers you have always dreamed of. When it comes to marketing online for your products or services, traffic is one of the biggest and most common problems faced by most businesses.

You may have a beautiful sales funnel or website along with high converting. But it doesn't matter if you are unable to drive the targeted audience into your system. It means that you aren't making any leads. Also, it means that you don't have sales.

Now, that's not great news for entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves online. Besides, it is horrifying for owners with small businesses who already have reduced budgets no email list, and no branding.

Above all, learning most strategies that speak about gaining more traffic on Google search or through other books might be filled with outdated information. Keep in your mind that whenever Facebook or Google makes changes to their algorithm, it could impact your traffic and you would start to lose everything.

Luckily, Traffic Secrets is equipped with traffic strategies that are evergreen and probably won't change even if marketing online tends to change almost every day. In this book, Russell doesn't teach you about driving traffic through the following techniques.

  • Blog post
  • SEO
  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube
  • Or, the latest tricks on how to generate more online traffic

Rather, Russell guides you through the process of how to make your online business safe and secure by knowing about your business, generating more traffic, and working on leads you have at hand.

Get Traffic Secrets for free (Traffic Secrets book review)

Sell Like Crazy

The next book on the sales funnel on this list is Sell Like Crazy. In this book, the author Sabri Suby shares his secrets on how to get massive sales and retain customers. It is like selling your services or products with craze and that's how the title of the book gets justified.

The author, Sabri Suby has provided the right step to attract customers while turning a profit out of it. Through this book, Sabri introduces the eight steps to a successful sales funnel that generates a lot of revenue.

During the preliminary stage in the book, the author teaches you how to make the right approach when it comes to finding potent customers. Besides, the author makes interesting revelations that are quite convincing as well.

He says that you have to find out the right customer by knowing whom to target. And, you can do that by evaluating personal information such as interests, age, and where you can get that user, which is an important aspect.

In the next stage, Sabri Suby shares valuable insight on how you can create a perfect bait so that customers are lured into buying the services or products that they can't refuse. After completing this chapter, the author insists you jump to the next chapter.

Chapter 3 of the book is another important aspect where the author explains to you everything on how to capture potential leads, and most importantly, try to get contact details. Once you know how to lure customers, the author shares his ninja technique on how to improve the buyer-seller relationship.

This is the only way to aim for high revenue from your loyal customers. All this and many more in the following chapters from the book, Sell Like Crazy.

No wonder, this marvelous book by Sabri Suby is the ultimate guide that consists of everything that you need to know when you are about to create a long-lasting relationship with your customers. Also, you get to know how to create and execute sales funnels and attract a lot of visitors while earning massive profits.

Get Sell Like Crazy here (Read the book review here)

The Sales Funnel 

When you try to get hold of a book that only deals with the sales funnel, this book is for you. The Sales Funnel is one of Amazon's bestselling books for business. It is filled with useful information that helps you how to create sales funnels effectively.

Besides, everything in this book is so interesting that you won't get diverted to other aspects. Your eyes would get fixed on the diagrams, formulas for copywriting, and scripts that you need to work on.

This book has evergreen sales strategies that would keep you sailing for many years. In about 100 pages, you get to know different theories about channel building while providing your readers with several models and examples. The information in the book is valuable and you can't get them anywhere.

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The 1-Page Marketing Plan

Increasing sales by attracting customers is a standard process that you can find in many books on sales funnels. However, among countless authors that depict the knowledge through their books, Allan Dib clearly knows how to do it right through a 1-Page Marketing Plan.

This book discusses the important aspects of marketing: Creating a robust marketing plan, how to get customers, steps to close your sales, and useful tips on how to stay ahead of your competition.

However, the information in this book doesn't stop there. Instead, the book points out certain mistakes that people make while marketing their digital products online. Apart from that, the author offers different types of marketing strategies that are effective and economical.

In short, the book contains valuable information that you haven't found in other books on sales funnels. To set higher standards, the author came up with a special marketing plan for you to practice: a single page of nine squares.

When you are planning for a project, it is always challenging. And, when it includes marketing, the levels become more challenging, if you go by the latest trends in marketing.

But you can keep your worries at bay and create a roadmap for an effective marketing plan. All it takes is a single page to do so. You can do the same by absorbing information in this book, which is the core of Allan Dib's amazing work.

Get your copy here.

Network Marketing Secrets

It is another amazing sales funnel book intended for affiliate and network marketing businesses. Network Marketing Secrets helps you discover the challenges when faced with multi-level marketing.

Most of the elements such as traffic, products, recruitment, etc. aren't easy to deal with especially if you are a beginner. However, the author, Russell Bronson didn't offer a bleak scenario.

Apart from the obstacles that you would likely encounter, he came up with unique and innovative solutions. As you know, Russell spent a considerable amount of time creating sales funnels. But that doesn't mean that he lacks profound knowledge about network marketing.

This book is the author's collective efforts and experience in the marketing area that he spent over 20 years. Therefore, it should be a noteworthy book as far as sales funnels are concerned.

Get Network Marketing Secrets without any cost (Read the book review here)

5-Figure Funnels

This is another great book that helps you create remarkable sales funnels through the step-by-step process. The author, Michael Killen shows how you can create an impressive marketing automation funnel from scratch.

However, if you aren't interested in selling marketing funnels and still like to create a specific niche, the information in this book can help you a lot. Apart from the theory, Michael Killen provides examples like email templates, and so on.

The best part is that you can put all the information into practice. The 5-Figure Funnels is an easy, condensed, and practical book that you can't afford to miss.

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Lead Funnels

Another great book by Russell Brunson emphasizes two important factors: example and strategy. The strategies included in Lead Funnels are simple and easy to understand. In addition, the solutions come from many years of the author's experience.

As a result, the effectiveness and feasibility are quite high. Besides, the author not only brings out the vibrant examples of sales funnels but also the channel strategy as well. Even if you choose one example out of 114, you can improve your business's marketing strategy to a great extent.

Get the Lead Funnels book here (Read the book review here)

Invisible Selling Machine

This book on sales funnels refers to a unique 5-step process unlike the 5-Figure Sales Funnel book mentioned above. The 5 steps encompass email marketing. The highlighting point of this book is quite simple.

To get started, you need an email list of potential customers and filter out the same. Next, you have to create an impression on your buyer's minds by helping them identify yourself and your company.

These procedures would help you find out which customers are important to you and provide them with the right product. In addition, you need to encourage the buyers to buy the specific product or other related products.

However, the author speaks about a unique model machine that looks quite fascinating. For more information, you have to read this interesting book by Ryan Deiss.

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New Sales Simplified

If you want to know the right way of approaching customers, this book is for you. From the first chapter itself, the author points out that failure strikes from a lack of seller's focus. Businesses tend to concentrate on existing users thereby lacking expansion in the long run.

Also, the author points out that many businesses lack skills when it comes to sales and how they approach their customers. New Sales Simplified addresses these burning issues with in-depth analysis.

The author developed a simple model that consists of three important parts: the target, the weapon, and finally attack. Surprisingly, the above technique works and this is a rather new concept that you should implement in your online business.

Therefore, if you are planning to launch your online business that comes with automated marketing, this book provides you with the necessary steps to take your online business to new heights.

Get your copy here

Copywriting Secrets

There is no denying that good copywriting keeps your buyers engaged with the products. Also, copywriting is a great tool that helps you increase customer awareness of your brand. The main purpose of your business is to persuade an individual or even a group to involve themselves in taking specific action with few things around.

However, it is understandable that creating a lot of content can be challenging and tiring. But when you have the right references, you would see that copywriting isn't as scary as it looks. And, one of those references comes in the form of Copywriting Secrets.

The information that you get from this book helps you harness the incredible power of writing an amazing piece. This book deals with writing structures that would compel your readers to read the content. Also, it contains the practical evaluation of niche markets and how to write target-oriented content.

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Funnel Hacker's Cookbook

If you need all the information on how to build your unique marketing funnel, this book is for you. Even small businesses can find knowledgeable stuff on sales funnels by exploring the lengths of this book.

Apart from that, the book provides you with a detailed guide on strategic marketing as well. For example, if you have just started, you may not know about driven sales funnel strategies. In that case, this book is going to help you a lot.

The book comes in handy for business owners who want to expand their sales through sales funnel implementation.

PDF version free download (Read the book review here)

Which book did I like most?

No wonder, every author came up with different perspectives on sales funnels. If you want to have an in-depth analysis of the information portrayed through these books, it is good to read all of them mentioned above.

You can gain knowledge and breakthrough ideas that can help you get massive sales especially when you read Sell Like Crazy. Whereas, if you desire to unlock the possibilities of copywriting, reading Copywriting Secrets is the way to go.

Besides, the books by Russell Bronson are equally amazing. Each book deals with a separate issue. But when you read Traffic Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Dotcom Secrets, you can gain a huge amount of knowledge from building a successful sales funnel to sales and everything that comes between.

The best part about the books mentioned above is that you can gain extensive knowledge. And, you can apply those strategies in your business to generate a lot of revenue.


In short, whether you are an expert or beginner, it is never late to implement new strategies in your online business and witness continuous growth in sales.

With the recommendations above, it's time for you to choose the best sales to funnel books and apply practical knowledge that helps you achieve your goals with ease.

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