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Any topic that you see discussed in the Cash Flow Show blog can be turned into a training event for your team or conference.

Book Deb Bixler To Speak: Digital & Live

Book Deb Bixler to speak at your next event!
  • Teleclasses: $150 per each (5/$500)
  • Webinars: $250 per each (5/$1000)
  • Contact Deb For Live Event Quotes

Our Top 5 Training Events:

Invite Deb Bixler To Speak

  • The Cash Flow Show Team Builder Series: This popular 6 teleclass series is presented on alternate weeks in this order: 63 Ways To Find Business, 3 Or More Bookings At Every Party, Reduce Cancellations, The 5 I’s Of Recruiting 1, 2 & 3.
  • 63 Ways To Find Bookings: Often called the home party BOOKING queen, this is by far one of the most popular topics! You can never become an expert at direct sales until you become an expert at finding business! (Teaching lead generation techniques that work in all businesses, not just party plan!)
  • Explode Expo Results: As a former corporate vendor fair educator for the Chamber Of Commerce Deb has a very unique and effective take on vendor events that will bring home more leads every time!
  • Professionalism Is An Attitude Not A Time Commitment: Apply a professional attitude to a party plan business on a part time basis and your consultants will get a part time commission. Apply a professional attitude to a home business on a full time basis and your team members will get a full time income. This seminar focuses on best business practices that all successful businesses use.
  • What Is Direct Sales Marketing: Marketing is the art, science and skill of creating more and more desire in the marketplace for your product, opportunity and services. This course teaches the real ‘how to actions’ of attraction marketing.

Browse the home party plan blog and find any topic that meets your needs or solves a problem for you!

Learn more about Deb Bixler, Party Plan Expert or just give us a ring: 717-751-2793

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Bio & Images To Promote Your Event

If you have already booked Deb to speak you can download images and her bio here.

Print Deb Bixler’s Party Plan Bio
Print the long bio if you would like more information…. probably more than you need!

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direct selling training Book Deb Bixler: Sized 500 x 300
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