"Booking Tips" Posts

Learn booking tips for home business consultants. A new home party plan bookings tip rolls out each week. Take action to fill Your Calendar now!

Plan A Progressive Party To Fill A Slow Month

A progressive party treasure chest is fun and guaranteed to fill your calendar in those slow and hard to fill months. Learn how to fill any month!

Types Of Parties: Avenue Of Bookings

The Avenue Of Bookings
Deb Bixler shares how you can use The Avenue Of Bookings to fill your calendar by appealing to more personalities with different home party formats.

Spring Party Themes Create Urgency!

Plan Spring Party Themes to establish urgency for picking a date. Everyone will want to book a party with you for a limited time only theme!

Thank You For Coming To Our Party = Bookings

thank you for coming
30% of those you call to say thank you for coming to our event will book a party! Learn how to make a habit of tapping into thank you phone calls for bookings!

Book Year Round Business!

Book A Solid Show Schedule
When you learn why January, August or any month is the best month of the year for party then it WILL book year round party business no matter what!

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