2 Booking Queens On The Radio!

Melanie Parker, the bookings Queen from down-under joined Deb Bixler, the US bookings Queen on the show to share strategies on getting more bookings at every party.

Listen to this excerpt of the Home Business Radio which aired this past Fall when we had two booking Queens talking BOOKINGS at the same time!!

Melanie shared 4 tips to book two or more parties at every demonstration without being pushy.

The Booking Queens!

Each of the four techniques to apply to your show that will generate more bookings were discussed: one tip in each radio show segment.

  1. Get the guests to like you – People don’t invite strangers over to their house!
  2. Run a hands on demo – let the guests touch the products.
  3. Choose your words carefully – tell them what you want!
  4. Offer, don’t ask!

Download The Note Taking GuideDownload the guide with the 4 tips for becoming more effective at getting bookings.

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