Use The 3 Foot Rule For Leads

Great Cash Flow Show Radio last night!

The topic was running errands and networking your business. We had two guests, Shir Candlebabe,  a Unit Leader with Partylite and Tammy Kerr, a Senior Team Leader with Wildtree.

Both had great tips!!

One of the 80+ ways to find direct sales bookings outside of your party is to strike up conversations in stores. Shir gave us some great ideas on how to use booking tip #55 as she talks about the 3-foot rule for leads.

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The 3 Foot Rule For Leads

The 3-foot rule for leads is simple!
The 3 Foot Rule For Leads
No one comes within 3 feet of you without you talking to them about business!

In order for the 3-foot rule to work you must always be prepared with samples, catalogs, VIP cards, etc.

Use a sincere compliment to open the conversation, such as you’re helpful, what a nice smile, nice nails or something similar. Then ask, “do you like candles (to cook, scrapbooking, taking pictures, have kids)?”

As the conversation develops offer them a gift and ask if you can follow up. Read more about the law of reciprocity.

The 3-foot rule for leads can all be accomplished in under 3 minutes!

Listen To The Full Show

Tammy shared more about developing the relationship while you practice the 3-foot rule, so be sure to check the home business radio page and tune in to the full show before 3/10.


    Shared by: Rebekah Gienapp:

    Thanks for the reply Deb! We don’t have any books that would be cost effective for this purpose, but your response reminded me that we do have a lot of printable arts and crafts activities on our site. I’m thinking one of the activity sheets rolled up into a scroll tied with some cute ribbon and a few crayons might be the best option.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Rebekah – I don’t see anything wrong with a little children’s book. I have a ton of neices and nephews and always take something that I got for free somewhere along the line when I see them.

    I would think that a little kids book would be a great give-away along with the coupon idea.

    We all need to get gifts, etc.

    Does the company have freebies or cheapies that you the distributor may buy at very low cost.

    Are there something like a $1 -or so book that consultants can buy for about 87 cents? Or something?

    Something like that would be perfect.

    Shared by: Rebekah Gienapp:

    I love the idea of having little gift bags to give people I meet, but I’m having trouble thinking of what to put in them since my company’s products (children’s books) don’t lend themselves to free samples. I could put in a coupon but wondering if there are other ideas I’m not thinking of that consultants use when their products/services can’t be translated into samples?

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