Action Plan To Fill Calendar!

We just added a NEW direct sales bookings tip to our list of 90+ ways to find business!

This was an idea contributed by one of the Cash Flow Show fans, Yvonne Root, of Winnie And Kat®!

Take one idea from the total list of direct sales bookings ideas and implement a new one or two each week in a strategic action plan.

Simple Plan Of Action

Yvonne and her husband Jack’s simple plan of action of consistently working their business will pay off.

I call this a big impact habit.

Something not overly aggressive that you can consistently do for the long term that will add up to big results!

Yvonne Root’s Action Plan

Action PlanWhen Deb Bixler of the Cash Flow Show supplied us with a list of 73 ways (and counting) to locate more outlets for our direct sales business with Winnie & Kat® we were determined to make it more than a fun reading exercise.

These are the steps my husband, Jack, and I are taking to implement the information:

  • Print the list
  • Highlight the ideas we already practice in blue. Example – Offer business luncheon shows.
  • Highlight the unused (but for us simplest) to do in orange. Example – Provide a newsletter to our customers and contacts.
  • Highlight those which would take more planning in yellow. Example – Contact colleges for opportunity events.
  • Left untouched those which were not useful to us. Example – Change hair, nail, spa salons every time you go. We made this decision because the loyalty factor seemed more important to us.

We then made a list of the blue highlighted items that we are already doing and plan to continue to build on those habits.

As we move forward we then:

  1. Chose 1 item from the orange list of simple-to-implement ideas to implement and started doing so in the upcoming week.
  2. Chose 1 item from the yellow list of harder items and are beginning the planning process and steps necessary to implement them in the future.
  3. Determined to use 1 hour each Monday after our weekly planning session to do or prepare to do one orange item and one yellow item from the list each week.

Yvonne RootWe look this as an action plan or a road map to get from point A to point B.

We feel confident that this will give us a solid long-term business… and because we’re adventuresome we believe we’ll be stopping at interesting sites along the way.

What is YOUR action plan?

Thanks, Deb!
Yvonne And Jack Root, Winnie And Kat Stylists®

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