Learn How To Increase Attendance At Open House

In the first set of this (archived) Radio Show we talked about several of the over 80 direct sales booking ideas.

We discussed why you should use catalogs not business cards and started to talk about bookings tip #5 – the practice show.

Get Higher Attendance At Open House

Attendance at an open house will increase when you call it a practice show because everyone will want to help you practice!

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Hold A Practice Show 3-4 Times A Year

Every consultant should have an open house (AKA practice show) periodically. Practice shows have higher attendance!

An open house, a product preview show, a launch show or a practice show – they’re all the same thing. Basically you are inviting people into your home for a show that you are staging yourself.

Instead of calling them open houses I recommend that you call them ‘practice shows’. Hold a practice show 3-4 times per year:

  • At the holidays
  • When the catalog changes
  • When you have a down month
  • When you first start your business
  • When it is your business anniversary
  • Customer appreciation
  • Anytime….

When you call it a practice show you will have better attendance.

We have another detailed article that was posted previously on how to launch a home party plan business.

An open house implies that the guests have something expected of them and they realize this. They are expected to buy, shop, book, or otherwise support you in business.

A practice show on the other hand has no requirements of the guests. “Come help me practice my show for the new product line…. you do not have to buy anything, just come and enjoy some snacks and critique my new theme.”

When you have a practice show instead of an open house your friends and family will not say: “What?! Another open house!?”

Stop being that pushy party lady and start having practice shows. People WILL buy, book and join!


    Shared by: Rebekah Gienapp:

    So, if it’s a practice show and you’ve told people they don’t have to buy anything, how do sales, bookings, etc. happen? I’m assuming I shouldn’t directly be asking people if they want to do these things?

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      REbeckah – Sales DO happen at a practice show!

      The consultant should ‘practice’ every technique that should be offered at any party.

      I am getting ready to ‘practice’ my boaoking lines: Then they do!
      My upline said I need to ‘practice’ my recruiting lines: then they do!

      When you practice and present a practice show everyone wants to help you practice so you WILL get sales, bookings and maybe even new consultants~

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