Try Basket Bingo To Find Business!

The 3rd finding business tip out of the 80+ direct sales booking ideas – today lets talk basket bingo!

No, you do not have to be a basket consultant to find business at bingo!

How many times have you passed a fire hall sign that said “Join Us For Basket Bingo Friday”?

find business at bingoChances are they were not raffling off empty baskets!

Most of the time they are raffling off FULL baskets and also other things besides the basket.

Keep a notebook with you and next time you see that sign, stop and write the number down!

Don’t Give The House Away

We have 2 goals here:

  1. YOUR contact information is in EVERY basket that they are giving out.
  2. Your brochures are available to the whole group on a side table.

Chances are you have an inexpensive item you can donate to every basket bingo that will take it!

Think about it –  what if only one lead from each bingo event called you for a show or ordered something from you?

One show will pay for a donation to all the basket bingos for a year, because you will have a new (unrelated) branch on your business tree.

Make sure that your donation is something that your name and contact information is permanently affixed to! Depending on your product line it could be anything: cookbook, how to tip cards, scrapbook items, magnet for fridge… think outside the box.

I am sure that you have something of value that is capable of affixing your contact info on and not a major investment!

Send Your Products To Basket Bingo To Find Business

Get started!!

Send your products to basket bingo and get ready to find business with people unrelated to your existing customers!

Don’t forget to log your mileage too, because when you gather leads when running errands, you can double dip here and claim an income tax deduction!

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    Shared by: George McMaster:

    What a great idea! So, simple but yet so many opportunities to do this. Love the way you think outside the box!

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