Run A Blue Light Special At Party

I love the Blue Light Special concept!! This isĀ  fun for everyone.

What Is A Blue Light Special?

For the younger set who may not even know what one is….

Back in the old days department stores had a blue police type light on a big stand that they could move around the store.


When you were shopping occasionally a surprise sale would be announced and the light would flash. The announcement would tell about the blue light special in aisle 4 and then the light would flash so it would be easier to find.

This would be a deep discount and a short time offer! You had to get there quickly to make sure to take advantage of the sale.

How To Use Blue Light Offers At Party

This suspenseful way to offer a special can really establish urgency at your party for purchases and/or bookings.

I recommend that you plan this carefully!

What do you want the results of your offer to be?

Sales or bookings?

If it is bookings, then offer an item at DEEP discount or free at an upcoming booked party to a host who commits within a certain time frame.

  1. Decide what you want to offer at the blue light sale.
  2. Determine at what point in the show you normally discuss that item.
  3. Explain your bluelight discount offer at the beginning of the party.
  4. Make sure you create desire for the party with LOTS of sprinkles about the benefits prior to the blue light offer.
  5. Talk about the special item to create desire for it prior to the moment the special is announced.
  6. Set your phone timer for a certain period of time and demonstrate your products.
  7. When the timer goes off your blue light special has started.

If you want increased sales the special could be totally random by asking your guests at the beginning of the party how many minutes to set the timer for then that would determine what is on sale.

Whatever item you’re holding when the timer goes off is on a deep discount sale for the duration of the party.

You may want to limit the number of people you are offering the special to increase urgency even more.

The “blue light special” is only available to the first 3 who commit!
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The blue light offer for bookings would also go well with a WOW Party – within one week you have a cancellation so at the next party fill that date using this technique.

Before the special light goes off – have each guest write the names of two friends, two relatives, two co-workers, two neighbors and two club members.

Give a prize to the first person finished. When the limited-time-only special starts, tell them their guest list is already created for their home party.

Do you have a blue light or prop to include that would add more drama?


    Shared by: Lynn Hill:

    Love this idea!!! WOW in our organization is Women Out Working, but love Within One Week!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      It is a fun too, Lynn – really keeps the anticipation going!

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