Booking Tip #2 – Get Into Homeowners Associations

The second in a series of over 80 direct sales booking techniques, today we will elaborate on how to tap into homeowners’ associations for shows.

These days many condominium or residential communities have a homeowners’ organization. Many even have a clubhouse that residents can use for their personal or group parties.

What can you do to serve them?
home owners booking tipSome associations have regular meetings, in which case they may need entertainment.

  • You are entertaining, I am sure!

Often the community needs to raise money for something…

Once I presented a fund-raiser show to a homeowner association so that they could raise money to buy a school bus ‘box’. The kind the kids sit in at the end of the development when waiting for the bus so that they do not have to stand in the rain.

  • You have a fundraiser program, right?

Another time I did a show so that the residents could stock their clubhouse with the products that I sold.

  • Is there something in your product line that they may be able to use as a group?

Keep in mind also, that if the clubhouse is available to the residents for personal parties, it becomes a great scheduling tool for you when booking a party in that community and the potential host says “my house is too small.”

  • Next time you hear that, say “do you live in a community that has a clubhouse for the residents?”

You Have Value To Homeowner Associations

  • Workshops – Education
  • Fundraiser Opportunity
  • Home Parties
  • Free Products For The Group

How To Get Started With Homeowners Associations

Over the next few weeks as you go about your daily activities, errands or running around, watch for communities that may have homeowners associations.

  1. Create a list of communities that may have condo associations, clubhouses, or homeowner organizations: Don’t think that these are just high-end residential areas. There are many middle- and low-income housing communities that have clubhouses, homeowners’ associations or resident services.
  2. After you have a few names, get on the internet and research the communities. Chances are if you have the right names of the development you will be able to find the office number online.
  3. Check your connections: If you know anyone in these communities, connect with them first to get the actual name of the homeowner association president or leader.
  4. Make some calls: When you call, don’t make a pitch, but ask who is in charge of the homeowners’ association. If you can hook up with the association group itself as opposed to the realtor or rental office, you will have better luck.

When you start to make your calls, remember that you have many services to offer. At the very least get on the club ‘leaders’ good side and be a resource for the community in the future. The more calls you make, the better you will get at it!

You certainly cannot fill your calendar by presenting at clubhouses for communities, but one event every once in a while will bring you new clients that you never met before!

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    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    Smart idea! Some ladies on our team have been setting up at apartment complexes and retirement/ assisted living communities. Love it.

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