The Worst Bookings Advice Ever!

I am so sick of hearing that the bookings advice given by a leader to their struggling team members is to just get on the phone (again) and call for bookings!

That is pretty feeble advice for a rep who is seriously struggling to find bookings when they have none!!

The Worst Bookings Advice Ever!

That is the second worst bookings advice you could possible give your team!


The first worst bookings advice is to tell a start up consultant to write a list of their 40 best friends and family members, then to call them to set up 6 shows. After that they can get the rest of their bookings at those parties!

Get real people… These tactics do not work!

  • Has any business launched with friends and family, then relied only on referrals?
  • Do you know a company that is short on business and just gets on the phone and dials past customers for more?

A new vet asks his 6 best friends to bring their cat in, then sits back and waits for referrals!  Later when business is slow, s/he gets on the phone to those past clients and asks if they can come in again?!

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How To Train Bookings
A caterer calls all their family members and asks to be their caterer for all the upcoming celebrations.  A few months down the road when business is slacking they get on the phone and beg them to get married so they get one more job!?

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Why do direct sellers think this will work?

As a leader it is your job to have a full calendar, be confident in your bookings skills and to give good booking advice to your team.

There are literally 500 pages on this website with solutions to this problem!
OK – I’m done ranting….

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