Janice Cherlet & The Bookings Mindset

According to Janice Cherlet, a Norwex distributor living in a prairie town of Manitoba, having and finding bookings is a mindset that works!

Janice is the guest on this segment of the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio discussing bookings and how to develop the bookings mindset.

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How To Train Bookings
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The Bookings Mindset

If you do not have a bookings mindset you will miss those moments in time that are a booking moment.mind set

Don’t go into each party with the attitude of “Oh, I hope I get a booking tonight!”

Instead flip that mind switch and go in with a physical calendar, highlighted on the days you want to work, have a cool booking incentive if they choose to book that night and be ready to talk about the simplicity of being a host.

If your attitude is I hope I get a booking, then you will accept the “I am busy” answer. Instead, when you use the objection crusher system to validate and educate and then ask again you will get a booking after all.

With the bookings mindset it would go more like this:

I understand being busy, what kinds of things keep you busy?

Wow, sounds like you could use some fun with a relaxing girls’ night out. It is not much work really. I can keep it really short and sweet and you do not have to put out a spread of food.

How about we set up a fun girls’ night out for you and your friends to de-stress?

When you have the bookings mindset and focus on solving problems for your guests and presenting a fun show, bookings will fall into place!

Janice Cherlet
Always recognize the latecomer…

Latecomers are already flustered for being late so when you make the guest feel welcome they then often book a party because you made them feel good!

Janice Cherlet, Norwex Distributor

About Janice Cherlet

Janice has been a Norwex consultant for 6 years. She used to be a band teacher and started selling Norwex when her husband went off work due to health reasons. She has four children, a boy and three girls ranging in ages from 9 to 1.

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