Booth Set Up: DOs & DON’Ts

Below is the first set of last week’s Cash Flow Show Radio discussing vendor booth set up DOs & DON’Ts.

Listen to the first set here or visit the radio page to tune into the full broadcast through 7/25.

On the show we covered how to effectively gather leads at an event as well as how to qualify leads to make follow up easier.

There are a few easy to implement DO’s and DON’Ts when it comes to setting up a booth.

The first don’t is DON’T do cash and carry!!!

Booth Set Up Should Be Professional – Not Expensive

A booth with a professional appearance is imperative. That does not mean your booth set up has to cost a fortune.

This is part of the Cash Flow Show Complete Program On How To Do Direct Sales.

Invest in a set of table linen and skirting so that you look professional. An active team will be going to vendor events monthly and the investment in a good white table cloth and skirt will set you apart from other vendors.

Make sure that you set up your table to be consistent with the event’s theme, colors, the season or holiday as appropriate. With a white table cloth and skirt it is easy to accent seasonally or to match the event’s theme with an inexpensive overlay.
Booth Set Up
When at a fair or expo the guests are receiving visual overload. It is important to have a pleasing booth which is not too busy.

Simple yet tasteful is always better. The goal is for them to want more.

Some DOs When Setting Up A Booth:

  • Use multiple levels
  • Display products but not a lot!
  • Leave space for filling out drawing slips at table level
  • Have flowers, theme props and overlays
  • Have a large sign with your company name that can be seen from across the room
  • When setting up a booth pull your table to the front about 3 feet back from the walkway
  • Break the barrier by standing in front of the table
  • Break another barrier by standing right on the line between the booth and the walkway
  • Hide all unneeded items, avoid clutter
  • Dress appropriately for the event and for our business. Wear comfortable shoes! Pockets will be helpful.
  • Move around in your space
  • Look people in the eye and smile as they approach your table!
  • Whenever possible break the barrier. This means to stand on the outside of any imaginary line that separates you from the guest.

Some Set-up DON’Ts:

  • Do not try to display your entire catalog!
  • Don’t have a chair in booth
  • Don’t leave purses or other unnecessary items around
  • Don’t have product boxes in front of table
  • Don’t have more than 2 people at time in booth
  • Never eat or drink in the booth.
  • When on duty; do not sit, eat, talk, cross your arms, put your hands in pockets, lean, read the paper, take excessive notes or wander off.

In an ideal world do your best to apply all of these do’s and don’ts of booth set up, no matter what type of event it is.

Just because you are setting up a booth at a festival does not mean that the ‘breaking’ barriers rules do not apply.

Even at a street fair or other event that is not your typical pipe and drape booth setup you can break the imaginary barriers that separates the walking space from the booth space.


    Shared by: Hollie:

    Events are my favorite part of my business, yet I’m not able to stand for longer than 5-10 minutes., so I have a chair that I sit in at the front corner of my booth. I stand when I see someone coming from the neighboring booth.

    Shared by: Melissa:

    Like the “breaking barriers” idea

    Shared by: Karla Decramer:

    Fantastic advice. I see too many people displaying everything.

    Shared by: rina valan:

    Excellent tips, and stand in front of your table as much as possible!

    Shared by: Pamela Elliott:

    Excellent points…and they work.:)

    Shared by: Janice:

    I just did an event with my focusevent on getting some leads. I did not have as much success as I hoped a day considered the cash and carry. I am glad I seen and read this! Great advice!

    Shared by: cheri:

    Great points. Remember, people are “buying” you as much as the product. Be someone YOU would want to buy from, not some grouch sitting behind the booth, ENGAGE! And make your table look interesting…as it says, create different heights. Don’t just lay stuff flat on the table!

    Shared by: Lucie Stephen:

    Thank you!

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