Brand Your Car! A Roving Billboard

When you get creative with your car and turn it into a roving billboard people will call you out of the blue for a party.

Just one more creative direct sales booking idea out of the total list of 80+, this will not fill your calendar immediately but it will bring you attention!
Brand Your CarA cool (small) custom made car decal with your logo is very affordable for the average consultant.

This one on my car (both sides and back too) was only a couple hundred dollars with installation.

Brand Your Car – Big Time!

Lisa Wilber went big time with the ‘brand your car’ idea!

I have no clue the investment for this but it definitely shows that she is proud of her Avon business and not afraid to tell you!

You KNOW she gets LOTS of inquiries driving a car around like that, right!?

Market Your Business On A Roving Billboard

roving car billboardLauren Kelly with Lauren Loves To Scrap goes a little more low key with her roving car billboard.

This handy dandy little marketing tool also includes a business card holder!

Love it!!

Create A Car Logo For Leads: Booking Tip #14

This week’s booking tip (like all the others) will not fill your calendar all by itself, but coupled with all the other marketing techniques, creating a car logo to brand your car will bring new clients into your business.

Do You Have A Logo Magnet Or Decal On Your Car?

Tell us about it in the comments below.

If  it is really unique, send it to Deb@DebBixler and we may use it in a future article.


    Shared by: Sandy K:

    I have a website vinyl on the back of my car. I think I’m going to upgrade to include my phone number or get some magnets so I can put them on my husband’s car. Today I borrowed his car, which meant I wasn’t driving a billboard. What a waste! 😉

    Shared by: Lauren Kellly:

    Thanks Deb! I bought the car magnet at and I also bought the business cards and a t-shirt there so they all match.

    The card caddy I bought from I haven’t (yet) had any parties from it but I know I’ve had a sale or two from it (I put them on I think right around the beginning of the year).

    PS. I share Deb’s website all the time with anyone who will listen…she has the best information!

    Shared by: Lisa Wilber:

    My car is “vinyl wrapped” and they charge by the square foot — price includes design & installation.

    This particular one (AVON) was $2,800 and last about 5 years and is totally tax deductible.

    Just about any sign shop offers these now a days. I

    also sell the business card holder that is waterproof and goes on your car at they are only $14.95 and come in a variety of colors. (shown in the example of Lauren Kelly’s car).

    I get a huge amount of business from having my car wrapped — and have used it in parades and as a “sign” at events. WELL WORTH the investment.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Thanks for that, Lisa – I bet YOU DO get a ton of business with that!! My little logo (on 3 sides) gets me lots of calls too!

    Shared by: Jenni Stricklin:

    I do have magnetic signs on both my cars, Christmas gift from my mom last year…Thanks Mom. It definitely helps, I can’t say I have had a party book from it, but I have passed out lots of catalogs and had many outside orders as a result.
    ***I am located in Gilbert AZ and I do Facebook shows***

    Shared by: Brian Hurlburt:

    Using our Car as a billboard for our business has definitely helped bring in new sales and consultants!

    Thanks Deb for these great tips!
    I’m sharing them, and telling our Team
    All about my friend Deb Bixler! 😉

    To see the Car Magnet/Signs we put on our car go to …

    Shared by: Paige Shannon:

    Where do you get these done?

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      The one I used is on Industrial Highway in York, PA – they are a chain so are probably almost anywhere. Look for a company like them. Not sure who does the full car process.

    Shared by: Janice Masters:

    Cool – love Lisa’s car! Now that is really business pride!! Will be looking into this more!

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