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Brian Hurlburt got his Watkins Products Membership in Sept 2009 (7 Years ago). Like many in this industry he was planning on being a product user.

As it turned out he has created a team of 600 distributors who are consistent top achievers and frequently earning the awards and luxury vacations. He is proactive on all the social sites and an avid Cash Flow Show fan.

Brian was our guest on the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio this week as we discussed filling your calendar through the New Year.

Listen to the first half here and/or visit the radio page to check the broadcast times and listen to the full show (through 10/11/16).

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How To Train Bookings

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Brian Hurlburt Said…

It’s a matter of putting it out there and asking people a great starter quesion such as “When was the last time you met someone in your area selling MyFantasticCompany products?”

Always have a physical calendar with you then say “Would a weekend or a weekday be best for you?” rather than do you want to have a party.

Keep your value proposition clear in your own mind so you can sprinkle it into conversations.

Brian Hurlburt’s Booking Tip

Offer business luncheon shows or office coffee break parties.
Pre-plan and think it through. You should make a plan for a 30 minute event that will fit into a coffee break or lunch hour so that professionals can do holiday shopping.

Start talking them up!

Among your friends or business associates simply ask if it is something that may be possible at their work place. Ask for referrals and mention the office break party and luncheon shows at your parties! Brag about it out and about and at your home parties!

Most people are looking for or at least thinking about gift ideas this time of year and into the holiday season.

Brian Hurlburt
This time of year people don’t get a chance to get out as much as they would like to so offering yourself as entertainment is something that they eat up!
Brian Hurlburt, Independent Watkins Products Manager

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