How To Write Warm Market List

If you are short on leads then you should play the “who do you know” game!

We always ask our hostesses to make a list of who they know, but when was the last time you did it?

Create Your Warm Market List

Every day someone sends me an email asking for a tips on how to get bookings for home parties.

This is a exercise that can be come a powerful lead generation tool when done regularly. Ask yourself these simple questions next time you need more bookings.

Who do you know who is in your warm market?


  • works with you?
  • worked with you at a past job?
  • belongs to the same club/group that you do?
  • has the same interests as you?
  • is your neighbor?
  • used to be your neighbor?
  • lives on your street?
  • fixes your car?
  • works in your drug store?
  • works with your dentist?
  • works at the post office?
  • goes to your synagogue, church or temple?
  • works at the office store?
  • delivered you flowers?
  • works at your eye glasses store?
  • cuts the grass?
  • attended your your bridal party?
  • was at your wedding?
  • is a Mom or Dad of your kid’s friends?
  • works at the bank?
  • delivers the newspaper?
  • is a waitress or waiter at your favorite or not so favorite restaurant?
  • checked you out at the grocery store?
  • works at the local Starbucks or coffee shop?
  • rented you a movie?
  • recommended a book?
  • went to your high school?
  • cuts/styles your (husband, kids) hair?
  • goes to the same gym as you?

When you take the time to create a list using these questions you should easily be able to come up with 75 to 100 names. Don’t prejudge if they want to do business with you, just create your list.
home business leads
Print or download the worksheet to create your own who do you know warm market list.
(PC: Right click and save | Mobile: Click and hold)

This list is really just a starter warm market list. There are millions of questions you should ask yourself!

Home Party Plan Business Lead Nurturing

Make a plan to reconnect with the people on your list.
warm market

Home party business leads really are everywhere but you can not hit them over the head to make them do business with you, you need to nurture them.

Have you scripted out lines to sprinkle the benefits and value of your business into conversations?

When you know what value you bring to the market place and keep that in the forefront of your mind it is easy to create desire for your products, opportunity and services by sprinkling those benefits into every conversation!

Nurture your leads by developing relationships.

Don’t give them all a call and ask them to buy, book or sell….

Just rekindle your relationship and during conversations sprinkle the value of your business so that they become curiousĀ  and ask you about it.

That is permission marketing!

  • Sprinkle Value
  • Create Desire
  • Get A Question
  • Permission Given To Market

How many names on your warm market list after playing the “who do I know” game?


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    Fabulous list, some I would have never thought of. Thank you for posting!

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