Offer Business Luncheon Parties

One of the items on our list of (now) over 90+ direct sales booking ideas is to offer business luncheon parties.

Stephanie G commented on the article asking:

I saw this tip “Offer business luncheon shows.” Can you give me an example of how to approach and what I should offer to bring (food, beverage,etc)?

Business Luncheon Parties Tip #35

There are two ways to offer business luncheon shows.
Business Lunch Parties
One way is to conduct a  “Pamper A Business Day”.

Using this technique you select a group of professionals (doctors, dentists, the White House – LOL) and target the bosses to offer a special service of pampering the employees.

This is not actually a presentation party but more like what radio shows do when they visit various businesses with snacks.

This technique is discussed more fully in another post that you can read here: Pamper A Business Day

The other is an actual party presentation that you offer to people who work in offices and have regular lunch hours.

Create A Short Presentation

Think about how you can offer a short, fun show that a group could enjoy while they eat their lunch at work. (They bring their own lunch.)

Remember that your guests’ time must be honored. Most likely your actual presentation will be 30 minutes or so….

The workers will need time to get to and from your presentation setting and possibly visit the restroom before heading back to work so you must be concise!

You will need to think carefully about what you want to show, how you want to present it and possibly an enticing theme.

Market Your Business Luncheon Show

Once you have a plan for your business luncheon show it is time to start marketing it.

Start to brag about your business luncheon parties at your shows and in conversations with friends. When you sprinkle little blurbs it won’t be long before you start to get questions about how they work!

Just say something like:

“Anyone work in a stressful office? I have a business luncheon show that I offer over lunch hour… I call it “35 Minutes Of Fun To Reduce Stress”

Coming into the holidays another theme could be “Lunch Hour Holiday Shopping” or anything you can come up with to present while they eat.

People who work long hours or have a long commute may not be able to commit to a party, but they may have a need for shopping or tips that relate to their career presented in a quick and informative demonstration. A theme that addresses issues that affect people tied to a desk or factory job may entice people to suggest it to their peers.

Add business luncheon parties to your marketing repertoire and you will add one more service that may appeal to different types of people.

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