Become The Business Of The Month

The creative direct sales bookings idea #50 is to start a campaign to inquire at local banks to be featured as their business of the month.

Business at the bank is just about exposure. When you use every resource available to you you WILL fill your calendar!

Be The Featured Local Business

Create a system of stopping at banks and asking if they have a business of the month or a featured business table.

There are many banks in your area so make a plan to stop each week at 2-3 and see how many you can be featured at!

Then create a nice display with a prize drawing or what I call the fish bowl concept and give everyone who enters a call!

Most likely you can be featured at each bank more than once a year as often they have trouble filling their table. They are more than happy to feature a proactive small business owner like yourself!

Go out there and get BOOKINGS!

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