Buy Leads… NO! Get Them FREE!

We just added another way to find direct sales bookings to our more than 80 ideas!!

Buy leads? No, get the ones they sell for free!!

Mary Mader was our guest on the radio and she had some great ideas on how you can get the leads that companies sell for FREE!

Listen to the first set here and/or the full show which broadcasts 7 days a week through 4/7/15 by visiting the show page for times!

Don’t Buy Leads!

Years ago Mary worked for a company that sold leads. While the job was not long-term and did not work out, she did learn how those organizations found the leads that they sell to those looking to buy leads.

Later when Mary sold life insurance she learned that 150 new people moved into Colorado every day.

At that time she decided to put what she learned at the lead company into action and she began researching public records for names, addresses and phone numbers of those purchasing a new home.

You can go down to the courthouse in any county or area that you wish to expand your business into and copy down all the records of home sales. It is FREE!buy leads

  • 1st Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number

Make a habit of going to the courthouse 3 days per week – each time in a different county.

Make a welcome gift or informational packet similar to that of the Welcome Wagon.

Both Deb and Mary have participated in ‘welcome to the community’ campaigns with great success!

You can create your own welcome service with other direct sellers or team members and actually visit the new homeowners or you can send them a gift in the mail, then follow up.

Follow up is key!

Mary continues to use this technique to find leads and make connections in her fundraising and gift giving service. She said that with good follow up she averaged 10 actionable conversions for every 70 leads she got.

When you buy leads most likely the companies selling them to you have accessed the public records, then scrubbed the list.

A list that has been scrubbed means that they checked for no solicitation requests and made some attempts to narrow the niche by interests.

Some network marketing company reps are told to buy leads….

I have done it and it rarely is worth the money! In this case you can scrub your own list and give a heartfelt welcome and a community greeting to new neighbors!


    Shared by: Veronica Staats:

    Awesome show! Thanks for sharing ladies…great topics- I can’t wait to start my Welcome Wagon?

    Shared by: Nane Tolson:

    What a great radio show this was… I listened to the first set twice and the whole show live.

    This is such a unique concept and I love the idea of setting up a welcome committee of your own rather than depending on the welcome wagon group.
    Thanks for another good one!

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