Car Wash Fundraiser To Find Leads

Stop at every car wash, bake sale or other type of fundraiser and buy something!

In our ongoing series on how to get bookings for home parties tip #35 is to buy something from every fundraiser event you see and then ask about their cause!

Find Business At Local Fundraiser Events

You are constantly seeing fundraising events throughout the course of your regular daily activities.
Car Wash Fundraiser
Let’s face it!

The car is dirty!

You need dessert on the table tonight!

You will contribute to other worthy causes or school fundraising events anyway!

So why not stop at the next event you see, get an income tax deduction for something you would have bought anyway, and also put yourself in the position to find new customers.

The kids who washed my car after a 4-wheel adventure were more than happy to put the extra time into getting the car cleaned up and I tipped them handsomely!

Stop At The Car Wash Fundraiser

Next time you see a car wash fundraiser, stop!

Get your car washed.  Strike up a conversation with the teens and organizer.

Practice the secret to how to get to yes and when the opportunity is appropriate offer your services for their next fundraiser event!

Be sure to be prepared with informational fliers and always ask for the followup contact details!

When you support other fundraisers you become a part of the greater community and increase your scope of influence.

The very fact that you have paid them for their services, bought a product and contributed to their current fundraiser will increase the likelihood that they will use your services.

Get your car washed at the next fundraiser, develop a rapport and watch the law of reciprocity go to work!

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