Vendor Events Tip: Don’t Do Cash & Carry!

Is it better to make a little bit of money or a whole lot of money?

Seems to me that I heard that on a recent TV commercial…..

The answer of course is that it is better to make a whole lot of money!

When you go to a vendor event there are times (Christmas season may be one) that a cash and carry situation is required but generally most vendor events allow you to decide how you manage your booth.

Cash And Carry Takes Too Much Time

Vendor event

Sandy Kreps, marketing her business at a vendor event. She is looking for the next stay at home Mom to join her Team!

The time it takes to do a cash and carry sale at a fair, festival or vendor event may allow the most important lead of the day to walk right by!

I do not recommend that you focus on selling at expos but rather put the focus on finding leads!

A new consultant or an ideal host could bring thousands if not 10’s of thousands of dollars into your business in the future. Cash and carry sales only give you income today.

Plus my experience with cash and carry is that you:

Carry it in…. and carry it out!

It is more work and has rarely paid off in my experiences!

Expo Events For Leads

The purpose of going to vendor events is for leads.

When you understand what a lead is your time will be more effective. A lead is far bigger than sales or bookings it is the open to all possibilities!

If you go for sales then you may be missing the next new consultant that would be paying your mortgage!


Case in point…. (not bragging here just making a point):

Had my upline been involved with selling product at the vendor event and allowed ME to walk by the table without talking to him he would have missed the one lead that ended up paying his mortgage for the next 7 years!

Deb Bixler and Doris Christopher
Deb with Pampered Chef founder Doris Christopher at the 20th Anniversary Celebration that took place her first year with the company.

This was an all expense paid trip to Chicago because she was one of the top 20 in the company for personal party plan sales.

This is not an exaggeration!

The commission overrides that my upline received on my personal sales exceeded his mortgage payment!

If he had been busy selling a wooden spoon what would he have missed out on!!!
vendor event
Think about it.

A lead is far more valuable than a sale!

All leaders in direct sales say that they are waiting for the ONE that will make a difference….

Did you ever think that the ‘one in a million’ person already passed by because you were too busy making a sale at a vendor event?

Cash ‘N Carry & Leads

If you want to attempt to do both cash and carry and find good leads then put some thought into how you set up and staff your booth.

Make sure that the cash and carry section does not prevent the flow of visitors. A big crowd looking at products is not conducive to qualifying leads.

You may also want to rotate team members through the sales and lead positions in a routinely changing time schedule so that everyone can benefit.

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    Shared by: Mandy Voyce:

    Unless they are shopping events I have been following this. However I have also learnt to keep a suitcase with common items people like to restock on. I don’t have them out to show but if someone asks I can take care of the sale fast (rounding to $5 to make change easy). Most events I attend are shopping events so it works for me. But I never try and make a sale unless someone asks for an item.

    Shared by: Joy Hampson:

    When I started with Pampered Chef one of the things that attracted me to the business was not upfront cost of inventory. So for me, I’ve never set up cash and carry at my events. Why sell a $4 spatula when I could book a party with hundreds in sales, future bookings, and potential recruits!! It’s a no brainer!!

    Shared by: Matthew:

    Words of wisdom Deb, as always.

    Thank you.


    Shared by: Amanda Huffaker:

    Hmmmm defenitly worth rethinking my strategy. .lol

    Shared by: kathy hill:

    Good points..I will be accessing the follow up blogs on lead generation.

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