Caterina Rando – Bookings Idea #10

Our guest on this show (2014) brought up one of my favorite direct sales bookings tips!

Offering yourself as a free speaker or workshop presenter is one of the top 3 lead generation systems I used to fill my calendar FAST!

Caterina Rando, Coach, Consultant, Trainer

Caterina Rando is a coach, consultant and trainer providing development training, publishing and team building solutions to direct sellers.

“Be Loud And Be Proud!” and your business is sure to grow!

You can listen to this archived show excerpt here then check the schedule on the Cash Flow Show Radio host page to listen to current broadcasts.

Caterina Rando Says: “Be Loud And Be Proud!”

Caterina randoBeing loud and being proud does not mean being pushy!

Caterina says that there are 3 important things to filling your calendar and growing your business:

  1. Positivity: A positive attitude is essential!
  2. Certainty and confidence is attractive.
  3. Enthusiasm: Don’t be shy and meek when talking about your business.

If you are not getting support, chances are you are not exuding those traits.

Deb Bixler says: “The person in front of you is not going to make or break your business.”

If you have a plethora of possibilities (leads) you will not be needy.

Offer Yourself As A Speaker To Generate Leads

Something I have always advocated and Caterina brought it up (unsolicited from me) is that offering yourself as a FREE speaker to groups and clubs will put you in front of TONS of people…

Or as Caterina said: Speaking will bring you a plethora of leads!

Position yourself as an expert in any topic.

You are not out marketing your products or opportunity and doing home parties when you offer yourself as a speaker.

You are bringing value to the market place in any topic so that you can meet more people, expand your influence network and just generally have a steady stream of new leads.

Even if only 1:10 have an interest, this is an awesome way to fill your calendar. Possibly the most powerful technique I used as I launched my business and filled my calendar with a solid 20 shows per month in only 9 months.

Look For Groups Who  Are The Ideal Customer

Who is your ideal hostess or customer?

Those are the people that you want to find speaking gigs with. Think about where you can meet or find those groups and that is where you want to target your efforts to find speaking opportunities.

Ask them at your show; sprinkle it in conversations everyday.

Be loud and proud about your business and the value you can provide to groups!

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