Change Salons For Bookings!

Bookings tip #11 of our out-of-the-box direct sales bookings ideas is to change salons every month!

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Need Bookings? Change Hair Salons Every Time You Go!!

Change Salons For BookingsFinding bookings is all about the numbers and the people!

The more people you know, the more opportunities you have to develop relationships and meet new potential customers.
Chances are you get a haircut every month.

I know you are probably loyal to one stylist but really the good thing about a bad haircut is that it goes away in 3 weeks!

The more salons you go to, the more opportunities you have to make new friends, to meet new people and to develop new relationships!

Change Salons For Bookings!

Change Salons For BookingsHow many different types of salons do you visit in a month?
Nails, massage, hair, tanning, pet, even the gym….

I am sure there are more!

Start to switch up your visits to different salons or spas.

Spread your business around. The more you visit, the more people you will meet to develop your relationship with.

Don’t expect to BOOK a show every time you get your nails done, but a lot of the bookings tips we’ve given you in the past, like the Fish Bowl Concept work really well in salons – so….

Change salons for bookings and visit a new salon every month!

Become A Salon Hopper! Meet new people!

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