Tip: Hold Your Own Charity Events

Like a fundraising party, people will support charity events even if they would never show up at a home party.

It is essential to a balanced growing business that you offer shows to groups or organizations to raise money.

Additionally, conducting your own periodic charity event (booking tip #101) will put your business in front of new eyes while you support a good cause and expand your circle of influence.

Hold Your Own Charity Events

There is nothing complicated about this….


Pick a cause, decide what you want to give back and start promoting!

Many companies have a built in fundraising show but if your company does not, then create one.

During the 7 years that my party plan business was my total household income I conducted 2-3 charity events of my own per year.

While commissions were less due to the donation back, each one always impacted my business in a positive way.

  • Make sure you build in a component that gives extra credit to the cause for any bookings scheduled.  It could be as simple as $10 bonus for each dated show.
  • Give a bonus donation to the organization when the actual booked party is held. Generally, 10% of the sales back to the group will insure that each party actually takes place.
  • Get lots of people involved in order taking: Everyone wants to support a worthy cause!

During the month following 9/11 we conducted a neighborhood charity event to donate money and food to relief workers. All the kids in the neighborhood assisted and we had a HUGE return!

Other Charity Event Ideas

Other examples of charity parties you could conduct include:

  • Help a family buy a special wheel chair
  • Raise money for new sport team or band uniforms
  • Restock the china in a nursing home kitchen
  • Raise all the money for a elementary school field trip so the families do not have to pay
  • Pay for a park bench

There literally are thousands of opportunities to hold charity events in your local community. The ones listed above are only a few of the ones which I actually performed!

When you raise money for a cause you always become a part of the bigger community which is important for any business.

Even if you give ALL of the money back (which I rarely did) you still:

  • Keep cash flowing
  • Earn trip points
  • Earn other incentives
  • Make new friends
  • Get new customers that you would never meet at a party
  • Get bookings
  • Put new branches on your business tree
  • Support good causes

So, you see – holding your own charity events can boost your business while you help the community!


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