Tip #105 For Bookings – Children Marketing

Ever since our sweepstakes seeking your creative ways to find business the list of direct sales booking ideas has stalled at 104.

With my nieces coming to visit for a summer vacation it reminded me of a time a few years back when one of them played with my business cards all day and I got a booking and a sale out of it!

So children marketing your business by doing what kids do best (have fun) is a new addition to the list!

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How To Train Bookings

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Children Marketing Is Effective

It was not my intent to practice child marketing but she got a stack of business cards out of the glove box and was having a great time handing them out at the park, at Bible School and more…

When your child is running around handing out business cards to everyone they meet you never know what will develop!

No one says ‘no’ that’s for sure!

The Pay Off Of Child Marketing Campaign

Three to four weeks after the outing when Sydney shared my business cards I got two calls.

  • One said, “I am not sure why but my daughter brought your business card home from Bible School last month.” She booked a party!
  • The other told me that she was buying ice cream at the park and Sydney came up and said: “My Aunt Debbie is a (MyFantasticCompany) lady and I go with her to parties.” Then she handed her my card! She ordered $100 in products on the first contact and more several different times.
Sydney Bixler
Always don’t forget to tell them what to do and don’t forget to say thank you!
Sydney Bixler, A Smart 8 Year Old Kid
(FYI – I did not prompt her what to say but I did tell her the questions in advance.)

So children marketing your home party business WORKS for several reasons… the sheer number of cards they hand out in a short time is one of them!!

Tell us a story in the comments section of your child marketing your business for you!

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