Make It A Comfort Zone Adventure!

When you make something new a comfort zone adventure instead of a stressful event your comfort zone will grow.

Take A Comfort Zone Adventure

Your comfort zone is not a limitation: it is an adventure in life!

Remember that excited and nervous are the same bodily sensation – excited is positive and nervous is negative – so focus on the fun and the excitement rather than being nervous!
Comfort Zone Adventure
A business adventure can be as simple as picking one new thing, looking at it as something fun to try, then going for it!

Each time you do so, you will become more comfortable and your zone will grow!

Read another article on how to step out of your comfort zone and get started!

Pick one new bookings idea and have fun doing it!!

In the comments below please tell us which comfort zone adventure discussed on the radio are you willing to try?

Just shift your focus a little and go on a comfort zone adventure periodically to grow your business and become more comfortable in new situations!

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