Ads On Community Bulletin Boards

Do you generate much business when you put your business on community bulletin boards?

Probably not….

I think in 7 years of promoting my business on bulletin boards I did get one or two calls though!

Community Bulletin Boards

Booking tip #11 is to put your business cards or fliers on community bulletin boards both online and offline, even if you think it is not productive.

The fact that it will not find tons of bookings and keep your calendar full should not hold you back though!

When you make a habit out of constantly adding your info to every community bulletin board that you run across, both out and about and while surfing the web several things will happen.

Offline Bulletin Boards

Keep your fliers or cards handy at all times when running errands and always be on the look out for places to leave them

When your routine includes constantly marketing on bulletin boards you will:

  • Get the occasional booking, recruit, or sale: Always a good thing and a nice surprise!
  • Become more recognizable in the community: After someone sees you on more than one bulletin board the odds of a call are better.
  • When multitasking by hanging your business fliers on community bulletin boards when running errands, you save tax dollars.  Be diligent about mileage documentation whenever you hang a flier and deduct it from your taxes. Everyone wants to pay less taxes!!
  • You will be in a business mindset when out and about: That will help with general focus on finding more leads.

There are community bulletin boards everywhere!
Community Bulletin Boards
This one is at Starbucks, York, PA

Online Bulletin Boards

There are hundreds of online bulletin boards.

From your personal Pinterest account and group pin boards to online work at home directories and local services listing sites like Merchant Warehouse or the Yellow pages, adding your business to virtual community boards also has an impact on your business.

Benefits of the virtual community boards include:

  • Incoming links to your site improve your ranking.
  • Local directories like the Yellow Pages Online show up in search engines.
  • Heavily trafficked sites bring you local leads specifically looking for your niche products.
  • Everyone goes online first: The opportunity sites get many visitors looking for an opportunity and you have one!

Actually, adding yourself and your business to online boards takes as much time or more as it does offline… it is just different!

Always Be Ready!

You should always be ready to add your contact information to EVERY bulletin board you run across….

Both online and offline!

Have your fliers ready, your business cards in hand, your bio and elevator speech written for a quick cut and paste, know where your logo or image is in your computer and never pass up an opportunity to promote yourself!


    Shared by: Paul Singal:

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    Shared by: Brian Hurlburt:

    I love the Tips and Tricks that Deb Bixler shares and I can attest that when we first moved to New Brunswick we went for an hour and a half in all directions posting our Watkins Products Business Cards in Business Card Holders to Bulletin Boards.
    It resulted in our finding Customers, and even New Consultants. In fact one of our Newest Consultants is as a result of a day we went putting out cards about 11 Months ago!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Cool, Brian – always good to hear success stories~ Thanks for sharing!

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