Tip #32 – Visit Community Centers

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This is an excerpt of a past show discussing how community centers can help you to expand your influence in the community and get more bookingss

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Align Yourself With Community Centers

A community center is nothing more than a place where people gather to socialize, get support, gather information or meet for some other purpose.

Every town or city (and even neighborhoods) have centers for the whole community or for various segments of the community.

  • Senior Centers
  • Cultural Centers
  • Neighborhood Centers
  • Recreation Clubs
  • Religious Centers

With a quick Google search of your zip code and the words community centers you will turn up plenty of locations to offer your services.

What To Offer A Community Center?

The purpose of reaching out to different community centers is to expand your relationships and connections in the community.

The easiest way to find out how you can serve the community center is to just stop in!

Occasionally you may be able to book a party but most likely the best way to become involved is to offer them a workshop or value added entertainment.

Most often you do not have to be a member of the specialized group that the center serves in order to become involved.

As a new direct seller I became actively involved in the Spanish community just by stopping into the center and offering my services.

I did a few workshops and before you know it I was doing bilingual shows all over town even though I do not speak Spanish.

So, If you need bookings then hit the streets! 


    Shared by: Belinda Yost:

    Clarifing involvement with community centers is a very doable and interesting method of hitting the streets for business!! With my plans to work party plan now full-time, I will be pursuing this avenue!!

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