Customer Appreciation Party

I love to hold customer appreciation parties.

With late December and early January being a tough time to get bookings for home parties, I started holding my annual customer appreciation party during that time.

The holidays are always a hectic time so a customer appreciation party may get better attendance when held after most of the holiday festivities are over.
customer appreciation
Booking tip #26 is to hold a customer appreciation New Year’s party or holiday party the last week of the year or the first week of January to fill the gap during the bookings drought and to say thank you to your customers.

Customer Appreciation Event

Actually, you can hold a customer appreciation day any time of the year. My upline had a nice pool party every summer for his customer appreciation event.

There is no perfect time for any party.  As with your home parties, you should just pick a date and time that works for you and be excited, over-invite and publicize the heck out of it!

Market your customer appreciation day just like you tell your customers to promote their home parties.

The article on how to launch a home party business has a print-out with steps to ensure a great event.

Remember The Purpose = Appreciation

Your party is a customer appreciation event.

When you promote it as such you will still generate sales and bookings at the event.  There are a lot of things you can do to provide value and excitement.

You can hold a traditional open house, a workshop, an event to show off your holiday decor, make it a transition party or treat it like a practice show (practice a new theme, new products, etc.) but remember that the goal is to say thank you to your customers.

You can still set up a display, do a demo, or talk business but mostly it should be a fun day that includes gratitude. Invite everyone for whom you are grateful!BookingsJoin

  • Invite past and future hostesses
  • Invite potential consultants
  • Invite past customers
  • Invite your team because they are customers too!
  • Invite your whole family! They are customers too!

As a matter of fact… just invite everyone you know!  When you give to others,often the law of reciprocity kicks in and you end up receiving too!

Things To Do For Customer Appreciation Parties

There are unlimited ideas that you could incorporate into your thank you party! Any theme that you want to use will do!

  • Out With The Old And In With The New:  Come to customer appreciation night and see what is coming with MyFantastic company.  Then display old products that are no longer available that you would like to sell.  I often had many bookings and used the event to sell inventory piling up in my basement.
  • Chocoholic’s Dream: My most well-attended event was nothing more than a chocolate fountain and fruit.
  • Set up a Hall of Fame or Super Hero Theme: Top hostesses, top consultants, #1 customer, etc.
  • Lunch and Learn: A snack and a workshop that centers around your product line.

Your first customer service appreciation party may not be a giant sale or booking day but everyone will remember who their consultant is for the coming year.

When you continue with your annual events they will grow into well attended and eagerly awaited events!

I mentioned my upline earlier….

His summer customer appreciation pool party often generated thousands of dollars in sales. He invited his sales team in potluck fashion, provided the meats on the grill, and sold product at greatly reduced prices. His bookings off the event were massive as well!

Be creative, be excited and have fun!

Please share YOUR customer service event ideas in the comment section below!


    Shared by: Shauna Congelliere:

    I host a Customer Appreciation BUNCO event! Everyone wins shopping from my product line, both retired items and placing current orders. It’s a Hoot!! My customers talked me into having one quarterly because they love it so much!!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      That sounds like an awesome idea, Shauna! Love it when the customers ask for more!!

    Shared by: Sara Pardee:

    Deb’s tips are always helpful but #26 knocked it out of the park for me! Holding customer appreciation parties in January will get my business off to a great start.
    “Out with the Old…In with the New” is a perfect way for me to clear out my 2013 Miche inventory that has built up over the year while making my past customers feel special.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Perfect, Sara!! Thanks for letting us know! Come back after the event and share how it went and be sure to have FUN!!

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