Customer Service Follow Up

One of the best ways to get more home party bookings is to perform customer service follow up calls after your guests receive their products.

I call these out of the box calls.

An OOTB customer service follow up call is just one more way to offer dynamite customer service to your clients and keep them loyal to you!
Customer Service Follow Up

They should be made to the hostess soon after the shipment is received and to the guests within 2 weeks after receiving their products.

Customer Service Follow Up

Out of the box follow up calls are exactly what they sound like….

A call to the hostess or guest to ensure that they have gotten the products out of the box.

  • In the hostess’ case the goal is to be sure that s/he delivers the products to the guests in a timely manner.
  • In the guest’s case the purpose is to get them to use the products within the warranty period and reconnect.

Hostess Coaching OOTB

How many times have you been at a show and a past hostess walks in with the products for her friends from her show (6 months ago)?  That just makes YOU look bad!

Part of being a distributor is to coach the hostess to get the products delivered to the guests in a timely manner.

Something like this:

“Hi Lisa, this is Deb with MyFantasticCompany!

Just checking to see that you got the shipment. It should have arrived yesterday or today…. there are 6 boxes and occasionally they do get separated in travel so don’t worry if one is missing.

After they all arrive, please open them and distribute your products ASAP. Let me know if anything is missing or broken. If there are any problems, MyFantasticCompany pays return shipping for 45 days so, let me know ASAP!

As you distribute the bags tell everyone to use them right away and if they have any questions or issues give me a call!”

Customer Out Of The Box Calls

The OOTB call to your individual clients is extremely effective for creating customer loyalty as well as booking parties.

Don’t make it your mission to get bookings – just make your OOTB call to serve the needs of the guest.

Check to see if anything is broken, ask if they have use or care questions and offer suggestions on how they may use their items.

If you get a window of opportunity to offer them something use it, but do not push bookings….

When making customer service follow up calls you are developing your relationship.  They will remember your great services and call you when they need something!

I guarantee that the routine of consistently conducting OOTB follow up will bring you bookings…  some immediately and others down the road.

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