Customer-Centric Customer Service Scripts

Bookings tip #13 in our ongoing series of direct sales bookings tips is simple: 

Make a regular habit out of conducting “It’s Customer Service Week” calls using customer centric customer service scripts.

Customer service or lack thereof will make or break your business!

Sales Means To Serve!

The word sales comes from a Scandinavian word meaning “to serve”.

Serving the needs of your customers should be the top priority in your business because service will generate the sale. customer centric customer service

The sale will never generate another sale without the service.

Bonnie Stecyk, a Tomboy Tools Consultant located in Regina, Canada conducts awesome customer service at her show.

  • Has the phone stopped ringing?
  • Are sales down?
  • Customers are not calling?

Now is a great time to take action. Before you spend time and money drumming up new business, try getting in touch with the people who already or at one time already loved you!

It’s Customer Service Week!

‘It’s customer service week’ is a customer-centric way of reaching out to your customers that is not being pushy!!

Providing customer service is really the key to home party plan success. Often party plan consultants are told by their upline or the home office to do customer service calls in order to get bookings.

Customer Service Calls = Focus On Customer

When you focus your calls on serving YOUR needs, such as getting bookings, then chances are the calls will not be successful.
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Usually, we are told to call every past host and ask for the big 4 B’s:

  1. Bookings
  2. Business Opp
  3. Buy
  4. Business Referral

When you focus on customer service – on really serving the needs of the customer – you will most likely get bookings as well.

Customer service means serving your customers, not serving your personal needs.

When you make your calls to get bookings, chances are your script includes things like “talk about bookings, talk about recruiting, ask for a referral”…..

A script that focuses on the customer will ask them about their satisfaction with your products. You may discuss extra uses for the products or have they even gotten it out of the box.

Get Bookings With Customer Service Script

A script for your customer service calls that focuses on the customer will allow them to be more willing to talk to you and may develop into bookings.

I love to use the “It’s Customer Service Week!” script for customer service calls.  The “It’s Customer Service Week” script goes like this:

  1. “Lisa”  This is Deb with MyFantasticCompany, how are you?”
  2. This is Customer Service Week at MyFantasticCompany. Whenever we have our [new catalogs, season change, new specials] MyFantasticCompany asks us to call our past hosts/customers and see how you are enjoying your products.
  3. How are you enjoying your MyFantasticCompany XYZ product that you bought?
  4. Which one(s) do you use most?
  5. What do you use it for… many do you….what is your favorite use of…. [wear it, cook for, kids do you have, often do you use it, etc.]?
  6. Is there anything you bought from MyFantasticCompany that you do not like? That you are disappointed in?
  7. What products would you like MyFantasticCompany to carry in the future? Keep in mind that My Fantastic Company is always interested in your input so if you ever think of anything, just give me a call!

“Customer Service Week” = Party Plan Bookings

Customer Service scripts
Click to print the customer service scripts.
(PC: Right Click and Save | Mobile: Click and Hold)

When you practice “It’s Customer Service Week” instead of making “I need bookings” calls you are guaranteed to get better results.

  • You have a script to refer to that is focused on them
  • “It’s Customer Service Week” allows the guest to put their guard down and be more willing to talk to you as a friend
  • Conversation may (or may not) develop to the point where you can offer them something
  • Friends invite friends over to their house

Do not broach the subject of BOOKINGS unless they give you a window of opportunity!

When you practice the 10 second rule and follow your customer service scripts for “It’s Customer Service Week” the window of opportunity WILL open!


    Shared by: Theresa Pyle:

    I love this idea because I love to reconnect with my customers. This gives me a great “excuse” to put myself and my product in their lives without selling a thing!

    Shared by: Lucia Sarfoss:

    Show interest in the customer first and the sales will follow. I am not a high pressure sale person. Rather I am genuinely interested in the client first.

    I had one customer who never bought anything from me after the first visit but I called her periodically, even took her some flowers when she was recovering from surgery. This kind of busy is a good thing. I love my job and my clients.

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