Use Direct Sales Catalog Not A Business Card (Booking Tip #4)

This is the #4 bookings tip from the ongoing series of 63 creative direct sales booking ideas outside of your show.

How many business cards have you thrown away in your life?!

I mean really, how many have you actually held onto?

I have a shoe box of business cards on my shelf that I throw cards into whenever I am given them. When it starts to get too full I throw the whole lot of them away!

The Life Of A Direct Sales Catalog

direct sales catalogThe life cycle of a catalog or a mini-flyer is much longer than that of a business card.

When you give out catalogs instead of business cards you can be sure that they will be kept longer, possibly shared, but also they will hopefully/possibly create desire for your products, opportunity or services.

A direct sales catalog takes on a life of its own but a business card is pretty much following a dead end street that ends in the garbage.

The catalog becomes a wish list, bathroom reading, something to share with a friend… it may even get put into the magazine basket or on the book shelf for future reference.

For sure, it rarely ends up in the trash!

A business card goes from your hand to theirs and chances are it is never seen again after that. In the best case scenario the business card may end up in a wallet or purse, only to be thrown away later.

Use Old Catalogs

You should NEVER throw a catalog away either! Keep all your old catalogs to be used as business cards! If your company has mini-brochures those would be good as well.

  • Make absolutely certain that each and every catalog or brochure has your name, phone number, email and website permanently displayed on the front and back.
  • Have the “Gather 6 Orders and Call It A Show” catalog show stickers on the flyer or catalog as well!

Don’t tell them it is an old catalog.

Just say here is my contact information, the same as you would if you had a business card! Treat it exactly the same as you currently treat your business card. If you ask them for their contact info in return, then do the same thing when handing out the catalog!

Direct Selling Catalog Shows Will Roll In!

When you get in the habit of doing this (always and forever) then you will start to have people calling you out of the blue with orders!

Make your own stickers with fluorescent labels you purchase at the office supply store or buy a case of rolls as pictured at


    Shared by: Gia:

    Hi! Sorry to ask such a silly question- but can you customize these stickers on that website? If so, where do you go? I can’t find the option on it.
    These are great and want to add my own saying to them!
    Thank you.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Gia – You need to create your own stickers on Current Catalog. It is not something that they have preset up for you to just order. You can say anything you want. I am pretty sure it is just address labels or something.

      It has been a long time since I ordered them but I know I bought a case of probably 100 rolls and shared them with my team at meetings.

      Below is the page on the current website where the stickers are custom made but you will need to play with it.

      The ones pictured above were the ‘standard rolled address’ labels.

    Shared by: Ashley:

    Thank you for this little tip! I like to leave catalogs laying around in high traffic places. Usually the old ones just lay around my house. I think leaving old ones instead would be perfect.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    You can make these yourself on sticker labels. Office stores sell florescent color stickers or you can by them on rolls like pictured above at

    Shared by: Tamara Glase:

    Where can I get the little labels on a large roll like that?

    Shared by: Patiences:

    I love this idea, and have been doing it for the past week. Question: How old is too old? All of my catalogs have the year printed on them.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      I am not sure if anything is too old…. especially at vendor events where you will be going through thousands!
      But if you are concerned about it just use the last year or so. You can say, “this catalog is outdated, but it gives you a really great idea of our products!”

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