Use Business Tree To Create Balance

You should think about your direct sales business as a tree. When you take a walk around your neighborhood look at the big trees.

Like the big trees growing outside when starting a home business it is essential that you put down a solid base or root system for your business.

The Business Tree

Direct Sales Business TreeConsider every branch a branch of your business.

It may start with one show, then branch out into more and more shows and customers.

(Picture taken near the Pennsylvania monument in Gettysburg, PA)

Realize that for every branch on the tree above ground there is a root below ground to keep the tree stable.

The law of gravity demands it!

What goes up MUST go down!

Can you visualize the massive root system under a tree of this size?


Think about it!

Like the picture above all trees including your business tree have a root system that is as deep and wide under ground as it is above!

You may be thinking “how does this apply to my business?”

Each root in your business tree is a lead generation system which grows above ground as a branch and a stream of income.

A direct sales business tree should have many lead generation systems as a solid foundation (root system) so it can grow tall and strong (branches) to create income.

Think Of The Direct Sales Business Tree

Think of your home business as a tree and each root on the tree is going to make it more stable.

When starting your party plan business it is natural to think of family and friends.

As a matter of fact your company probably gave you the directive to write down your top 100 or so people that you have ever known since kindergarten and call them!

Right!?  LOL.

That is a good place to start but no business can survive on just family and friends. We must first put down a solid root system for our business using every category pictured on this business tree.

home party business balance

Share this business tree by linking to the page from your site or print the full size image of of direct sales business tree to use at your team meeting.

When first starting your business focus on securing shows or customers in all the different categories so that your home business is solidly rooted.

There are many ways to generate business including:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Schools
  • Work
  • Neighbors
  • Organizations
  • Churches/Synagogues
  • Home Party
  • Strangers

Tap Root Of Tree = Finding Business With Strangers

Use the business tree concept and combine it with the sales funnel and you will never worry about finding business again!

The tap root for your tree is generating leads with strangers. This turns into your business tree trunk above ground.

All the other people/leads/streams of income including those you meet at your home parties are “acquaintances.”

Balanced Business Using The Business Tree

A balanced business generates  income from all of the above sources of business and then has a root and a branch for each one. A solid business tree will stand the test of time.

If your business tree does not have a root for each source of leads, then your tree will eventually fall over. When a direct sales business consultant runs a balanced business, they have lead generation techniques that bring a continuous stream of leads in from a wide variety of sources.

If you ONLY depend on family and friends for business you will only have 2 roots on your tree and then only 2 income branches/streams.

Sooner or later the tree will fall over! Your business will fail!

Even if you are already in business for awhile, you can always start over. Starting your home party business with a specific focus on each group will ensure that your business tree never falls over!

  • Put a strong business tap root down by seeking strangers for customers.
  • Teach your sales team how to find strangers for their home business.
  • Train your new consultants to have their first 20 shows fall into each category.

business treeThe Power UP For Professional Results direct sales and marketing system is a program that teaches you how to build a business that will allow you to quit your job!

Don’t let your business tree fall over!


    Shared by: Mary:

    Building your business by touching people who you come in contact with and not just family and friends help you build a strong business base.

    Shared by: Deanna:

    I love the Business Tree concept!!! Definitely incorporating it into my Pink Zebra world. I also used the Catolog Lady concept at church and will be using it tomorrow at the Doctor’s office and local Tire Shops!!!! Thanks for all your help

    Shared by: Judy Parsons:

    Thanks for having this: I am adding this strategy to my New Jeweler Manual so my team starts building deep AND wide from the start!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Cool, Judy – It is an easy concept to teach to a new consultant too!

    Shared by: Belinda Yost:

    Think of direct sells business tree, you need many lead avenues , getting outside of your circle soon with people you don’t know yet, strangers, which will build new friendships and business! Getting to know people you would have never met otherwise is a gratifying experience!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Yes – that is what you want!!! A Balanced Business TREE that wont fall over!

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