Door Knob Marketing For Bookings

We just added another direct sales bookings idea to our growing list!

This is pretty simple….

Create a doorknob marketing campaign and hang booking incentives on your all the homes in a neighborhood that you would like to expand into!

Door Knob Marketing For Bookings

A great way to market your business while getting your daily exercise – always carry some of your custom made doorknob promotions with you when going for a walk in the neighborhood.

This would be especially effective when combined with the “Getting To Know The Neighbors” concept.

Door Knob Marketing
A doorknob hanger with a booking incentive can be made using Avery computer cards or custom made in stationary sites like Zazzle. Just do a quick Google search for door hangers for business and several sites will turn up.

I just made this one really quickly in Zazzle. I am sure you can do better. The more you buy the more affordable they get.

Make sure that your door knocker card includes:Door knob marketing

  • Your website
  • Your phone
  • Your company
  • A call to action
  • Great value

I recommend that you meet your neighbors and personally give out the door hanger promotion by ringing the bell and introducing yourself.

Only hang it when no one is home.

Doorknob marketing done on an ongoing basis will keep your business strong by introducing you to new neighborhoods.

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