DSBU #2 Bookings Webinar

Glad You Are Back!!

This is the 2nd of a 4 part bookings webinar series of finding business – finding bookings for party plan consultants.

If you found this page randomly, you should start at the beginning by reading the introductory post and get on the free Booking University video list so that you receive the links to the whole series of webinars.

WOW! What great comments on the first bookings webinar…. You may want to go back and read all the comments because there is a lot of great feedback there.

One thing that you will learn that you are not alone!

Bookings Webinar #2

Click to print the customer service script.

It takes willingness to overcome fears and grow your business! Take ACTION – Come back for the next bookings webinar!

Consultants Overcome Fear Of Success

Make a decision to be willing to overcome your fears of success.

No matter what your fears are… being pushy, not being organized, disappointing people, whatever… you will never achieve the success that you deserve unless you decide to overcome those fears.

A decision does not mean you are perfect it just means you are willing to take steps to make progress.Learn More About The Direct Sales Recruiting University!

  • Develop accurate perceptions (separate your thoughts from emotions).
  • What are the benefits and risks?
  • Consider what you may be missing!
  • What is the worst case scenario?
  • Recognize the benefits of failure.
  • Surrender to the outcome.
  • Burn the boats!

Make A Business Impact

Consultants who incorporate customer service into their business on a regular basis will always have a full calendar.

A big impact habit is something that is easy to do.

So, easy in fact, that it can be done every single day: no problem. A big impact habit when done consistently will add up to a huge result!

How many customer service calls can you make a day? Don’t say more than you can handle EVERY day!

  • 1 customer service call every day = every 10 days you will generate business
  • 2 customer service calls every day = every 5 days you will generate business
  • 3 customer service calls every day = every 3-4 days you will generate business

Get it? Make a Big Impact Habit to make an impact on your business.

Actions To Grow Your Party Business

  • Comment below – Tell us what you want next
  • Create your list of fears in order worst to best and start doing them
  • Become focused on why you are fearful
  • Make a commitment to do X number of customer service calls every day

The customer service script concept has revolutionized my business. After the Bookings U, I made a commitment to make 3 customer service calls a day and have been doing it ever since. I never wonder where to find leads or business now.
Jaimie Stotzfus, Lansing MI


    Shared by: Jenepher:

    Thanks Deb I really enjoyed the training today! I cant wait to go to the market tomorrow and try out the ten second rule and to ring my customers for the customer service week. Fabulous ideas thanks I am learning so much! I am going to get more bookings thats my goal! Jenepher

    Shared by: Lauren Cheeseman:

    Thanks for another great training opportunity Deb! I also attended the vendor event, and the 10 second rule works wonderfully! After today’s training, I am going to go back through my past customers and schedule a day next week to make my customer service calls using that script. 🙂

    One question I’d like to see addressed in future trainings is what to do when a hostess constantly reschedules/cancels her booking. Thanks!

    Shared by: Lucinda:

    The fear thing has always been a bigg issue for me and now I am taking a new look at it from what you have said no these trainings. I went to a vendor event like you said as a guest and met someone who did not schedule a show but called me a day later to participate in a fund-raiser event so that was good. I found that after an hour or so of talking with vendors I was getting better at the 10 second rule. thanks, Deb

    Shared by: Kimberly Strawn:

    I love the Customer Appreciation Week idea. I am going to get myself on the phone using this one! Great ideas.

    Shared by: Kendall:

    Thank you! I am going to start the ‘Customer Appreciation Week’. I know that some of my customers will be open to this idea. They love to feel that they are first in my mind and they are but I never thought of a way to get them to know it.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Well, Rob! Now that is a real question for the magicians!!

    Not sure if I can come up with an answer to that! Promote, promote, promote!

    Actually, we talk more about marketing to your team in the Direct Sales Recruiting University.

    It is definitely a challenging topic. We can only help those who help themselves but you can market the benefits of training, the radio show, etc by sprinkling value added statements into our conversations with them and not be pushy.

    Share the page link if you can or tell them to go to http://www.CashFlowShowRadio and listen to the show, it is fun, fast and free!!

    Just don’t stop sprinkling the benefits!

    Shared by: Rob Framer:

    I wish I had a way to get my team here to listen to this. They all want more bookings yet do not want to do anything. Even when it is short, sweet and free they are not seeming to be motivated to take advantage of things like this. Any ideas on that one, Deb?

    Shared by: Ginni Taylor:

    You are so right about those customer service scripts. I never liked them and this one is something I can do. I am sure that it will be more comfortable. Love it!

    Shared by: Maureen Stewart:

    I am really liking this series. I never heard anyone really give actions to use to overcome these fears that so many people have about the comfort zone and all. Thank, Deb

    Shared by: Laureen:

    Thank You Deb…Love it!!

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