Fall Bookings: Retirement Homes

A great Fall bookings technique, tip #46 is to offer yourself as a retirement home speaker or entertainer.

You can do this year round but in the Fall it is especially appropriate because you can offer yourself to retirement centers and assisted living facilities as a holiday shopping helper!

Retirement Homes For Fall Parties

Retirement Home Show: This is not a huge money-maker, yet it works every time and can be a consistent event on a monthly basis.

Cash Flow Show Club members get the radio show downloads after each live broadcast! How To Train Bookings

The activities coordinators at local retirement homes and disability or rehab centers are always looking for entertainment for the residents.

Offer your services as a presenter. Create themes and economical product packages for the residents.

Tell them you are a holiday shopping helper and FREE entertainment for the retirees or members all rolled into one!
Fall Bookings
Ask that they circulate catalogs with the staff to boost the sales and possibly get more bookings.

Usually the activities department needs funds for more activities, so a fund-raiser is a great way to go.

Do not expect huge sales from the residents. Some will order if you create packages for gift-giving ideas that are affordably priced and all-inclusive of any shipping and taxes.

Take The Fall Bookings Tip Challenge

Take the BOOKINGS Challenge that Deb offers on this radio show!

While being a presenter at retirement homes will not fill your calendar it is fun and provides a great service while boosting your sales.

Work it right and you will find that the staff generate good sales and often book shows as well.

The Fall Bookings Challenge WILL fill your calendar though because it is the little things that add up!

Can YOU fill up one whole graph paper with NOs?

I bet not! Go for it!!

  1. Comment below in the comment section that you are taking the challenge!
  2. Print out the graph paper and start implementing a new technique every single week!
  3. Fill your graph with NOs
  4. Document your YESes too!
  5. Send your completed graph to Deb for a FREE gift! (Deb@DebBixler.com)


    Shared by: Carol Blevins:

    Great idea for the graft paper I plan to do it

    Shared by: Carol Blevins:

    Thank you so much! My meeting with activity Director is Friday at 3 I appreciate the pointer Thank you I will join cash flow soon

    Shared by: Karla:

    I, too, am ready to take action and accept this challenge.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      YIPPEE _ looking forward to seeing your go for no sheet!!

    Shared by: Christy Parfet:

    I plan to take the challenge! I’m looking forward to a full calendar!

    Shared by: Gerry Pitts:

    I plan to do this… Love your guarantee! Great tips to, so watch for my graph paper coming your way!

    Shared by: Melisa Organtz:

    I love the Cash Flow Show and radio show. I never heard the retirement party trick and thought I heard everything from you.

    I am in!

    Shared by: Paula Gima:

    This was a great show. I am asking my team to check it out and take the challenge.

    Love the Pamper the Business day. YES I am going for NO!

    Shared by: Jerri:

    I am in… the right message for me now and I am ready to do it. A month ago I was not – now I am. Getting on the phone today to a couple of retirement homes and will catch the whole show a couple of times next week.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Congratulations to you all for taking the challenge…

      Don’t expect it to happen over night so don’t stop, I expect to see a few graphs starting to roll in about 6 weeks – go for NO! And you will GET YESES too!

    Shared by: Louise Parker:

    This is perfect timing for me. I am ready to take action and accept the challenge.

    Shared by: Nane Tolson:

    Love this show! I plan to put this challenge out to my team! Great idea to use the graph paper.

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