Fall Party Themes A – Z List

This post on Fall party themes is the last season to be covered in our A – Z series of seasonal theme ideas for your home parties.

When you run a couple of theme parties each month that interchange both monthly and seasonally you will create a level of urgency and excitement that keeps your hosts booking more parties!

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Fall Party Themes

What Fall party themes have you run?

Share them in the comment section of this post at the end of the article.

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Fall Party Themes

Run your Fall party themes any way you want! Just be creative but here are some ideas we had:

  • X-Rated using the old British film classification system meant one involving adult or horror content. It is an X-cuse (sorry, excuse) to trot out your best worst zombie impression so make it a X-rated zombie party!
  • The Hors d’oeuvres Party can be a potluck… everyone bring their favorite holiday hors d’ oeuvre and the recipe.
  • The Secret Envelope Party – Make up your own rules here but everyone gets an envelope as they arrive… Some get a gift, some get free shipping, others get a party date plus a bigger gift. Put all the party booking gifts in a pink or blue envelope so that they can trade out if they don’t want to have a party. Offer incentives at different times throughout the show to trade envelopes. In the end, the option is to open your envelope or not, but if you open a booking envelope you are obligated to host a party.
  • Another one similar to Secret Envelope is the Minute To Win It Fall Theme Party.  Create some envelopes with various prizes and have one-minute auctions throughout your event.
  • Football Theme Party – Wear your favorite team jersey and support your team as they start their season this fall.
  • The World Map Fall theme could have an opportunity component. Ask everyone to bring a picture from their Summer vacation.FallPartyIdeas
  • The Bonfire Bonanza does not have to be outside. You could use a real bonfire, a fireplace or even decorate with fall campfire crafts and then serve s’mores!
  • It’s Fall Y’all: Simple to decorate with a palette of burnt orange and fall colors. Serve seasonal foods and beverages and ask everyone to bring a pretty leaf!
  • Oktoberfest: Join us for beer, brats and fun!
  • The Great Pumpkin: Make pumpkin patch dirt cups, a giant watermelon ice bucket with wines or beer in it and ask the guests to bring a pumpkin to decorate with markers.

A new Fall party theme will give your guests an exciting and fun way to set their party apart from the one they booked from.

Plan a new theme idea or two each month so that your parties are always fresh!

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