Cash Flow Show Fan Booking Tips!

The show this week featured booking tips called in by Cash Flow Show Radio fans!

The first set includes tips from a Clever Container distributor and a Scentsy Family consultant.

Listen to the first set here & check the schedule to listen to the full show broadcasting daily through 12/9.

2 Fans Bookings Tips

ALL of the tips were awesome!  Make sure you find the time to listen to the full show!  Thank you Erin and Sandy for these two great ideas!

Erin Thornton, Clever Container:

Fan Booking TipsSchedule A Hot Date With Me

Pick a date on your calendar and mark it as the hot date night. Give any outside orders that you collect in the weeks leading up to the hot date night shows to the hostess!

I love this tip!

What a great way to reward your hostess and get lots of bookings!  Get a reputation as a consultant who makes certain every show is great and bookings come easy!

Erin sometimes walks into a show with $100 – $200 orders for the host!

Sandy Kreps, The Scentsy Family:

Party Of The Month Party Club

Create a club with 6 different companies distributors and trade shows.

A show is held every month by a different club member. Each club member is required to attend and bring a guest who they feel will like the products of the month.

The consultant club member is also required to spend $25 at each party but there is no requirement on the guests.

# 54 in our list of over 84 direct sales bookings ideas is to trade home parties with other consultants in other companies. This is the perfect way to do it!!

Sandy says that they have been through 3 cycles and it has been very effective!

Brenda Smith, Clever Container

Our third guest, Brenda Smith shared a great twist on the popular dice game.  Listen to all the fan bookings tips daily through 12/9:

–> On any computer just type in and you will be taken straight to the radio show page for online listening.

–> On a tablet or SmartPhone: Just get the ‘wsRadio’ FREE app in your app center then tune in at the scheduled time. We are in studio B.

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