The Fish Bowl Concept!

Bookings tip #9 in our continuing series on direct sales booking ideas is what I call “The Fish Bowl Concept”.

This is basically just a prize drawing for anything you want to offer.

The Fish Bowl ConceptYou could offer:

  • A free ‘spa makeover’, ‘cooking class’, ‘organizational workshop’ or some other type of educational experience based on your product line.
  • $120 FREE product or whatever is average, based on your average host benefit package.
  • Any physical item you want.

Be creative!

It does not have to cost you a fortune, it only has to sound good when you write it up on a cute little poster.

Find A Business For Your Fish Bowl Concept

The Fish Bowl Concept was one of my top 4 ways to fill my calendar when I first got into party plan! It DOES work!

There is an older article that goes into greater detail on the fish bowl concept.  I recommend that you click through and read more about the fish bowl lead generation system.

After you know your prize and create a poster, it is time to find a business which will allow you to put your prize drawing fish bowl in their store. The ideal location is one where people are waiting.

You have to reach out to businesses that you have connections with:  salons, barbers,  businesses of family or friends, not-for-profit groups, etc.

Fish Bowl Prize Drawings To Find Bookings

The leads will roll in…. your fish bowl will be full!

Everyone that enters wins! So, give them a call!

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