Samples Football Program Ads

The direct sales bookings tip #56 of the now over 100 ways to find business is to advertise in school activity programs.

Whether it is band booster ads, football program ads or any other school program advertising, now is the time to get involved in this type of marketing for your home business!

Below are some sample program ads that will help you to start thinking about how you can support your community and get your name out at the same time for some close to home leads.

Football Program Ads

All successful businesses are a part of the greater community.

This may not seem like a big marketing opportunity but it is a way to boost your home business’s local awareness close to home and support the school activities at the same time.

A win-win…. you win and the school wins!

It is an affordable print advertising option and an income tax deduction as well.

What Should You Say? Sample Program Ads

I think the most obvious activity program ad is one that has a focus on fundraising for the school.
Keep it SIMPLE and make your point!

The smallest and most inexpensive ad will be your business card size.

Just give them your card to print in the program.

Although if you can afford it, I recommend that you upgrade to the next level and plant a seed for a call to action.

There areTONS of free editing software available that you should be able to create something yourself. (Gimp is open source software, meaning FREE, and is just as robust as Photoshop!)

Other ad ideas include bookings, recruiting, sales…

Include your name, company, logo, phone number, web address, and plant a seed that will lead to a call to action:

  • Your fundraising solution for all school activities!
  • Tired of dry skin? Call me for natural skin care solutions!
  • Sports memorabilia scrap-booking parties to remember this great day!
  • Invite me to your home for fun, fast and healthy mealtime solutions!
  • Love candles but worry about the flames? Wickless candles are the answer!
  • Budget tight? I would love to teach you how to do what I do!
  • I teach new Moms how to make money from home!
  • Love jewelry but not the price? Call for demo and FREE jewelry!
  • Your kids deserve to be healthy!

Do you have any other ideas on what you may say in band or football program ads?

Share your activity program ads in the comments below!

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