Get More Bookings: Catalog & Fundraising Events

The way to get more bookings from your catalog shows and fundraiser events is to teach the host exactly how to get bookings for home parties!

When we say host in the case of fundraising parties we mean the organizer. In both cases, when the host knows the technique and the exact word choices to do so, you will get more bookings.

Get More Bookings

It is really all about host or hostess coaching.

Teach the book party host how to get bookings and s/he will. Teach the organizer for the fundraising group how to do it and they in turn will teach the order collectors how to do so!

Things to tell them:

  • The host/organization gets extra credit for all bookings dated before you close the show. Give them specifics!
  • The booking does not have to be the same type of event. Explain that you offer many types of events to appeal to many personalities. (Virtual, Live, Catalog, Fundraising, etc.)
  • When someone places a large order ask them if they would like to host a show and get a reduced price.
  • The exact words to use when asking for a booking.
  • Don’t wait! Call or text you immediately with the contact information when someone says they would like to have a party.
  • It is OK to give out your contact information to anyone who would like to host a party (or anyone in general for that matter).

I have found it effective to put a sticker on the front, back and inside of all the catalogs you hand out that will plant the seed about booking a party.home party catalog

Getting More Bookings At Fundraising Events

In regard to the fundraiser party it is always effective to offer a bigger booking bonus than is automatically provided by the company.

I recommend a $5 instant cash back on all bookings and 5% of the upcoming party sales when the show happens.

In addition, a special taped on note should be placed on each catalog for the product fundraising events with the organization’s perks.

Schedule a LIVE, virtual or fundraising event of your own and ThisFantasticClub earns an additional $5 today and 5% of the sales at your party.

Add your contact info to the above message and you WILL get calls!

Bookings With Book Parties

With a live party it is most effective to give your host the exact word choices and when you use them.

Tell your host to just say this:

  • You have a large order… would you like to host your own party and get it for free or half price?
  • I love that item too and plan to get it free with my host benefits. You should have a party too!? Should I have my rep call you?
  • You have a beautiful home, you should have a live show! I’d come!! Would you like to? I still get credit too!
  • When leaving VM messages: I will call back and get your order or maybe you’d rather have a show!?

You will get more bookings when you talk to your host about getting more bookings. These are just ideas so get your wheels turning, ideas flowing and start to host coach your catalog shows and fundraising events for bookings!

If you do not talk about it, they will never do it!

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