Getting Started In Public Speaking For Sales Leads

One of the best lead generation systems for direct sales professionals is to offer yourself as a free public speaker.

Listen to the Cash Flow Show Radio excerpt below and read down the page to learn how easy it is getting started in public speaking for leads.

There are literally hundreds of clubs, churches, schools and non-profit organizations near you that would love to have you come and speak to their group.

There is nothing better than a system that generates an unlimited supply of sales leads that are FREE!

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I’m Afraid To Be A Public Speaker!

Don’t say that! You CAN be a public speaker.

Getting started in public speaking is more of a mindset than a skill set!

You can be a public speaker, so stop staying you can’t.

Offering yourself as a speaker will bring new business into your client base that is totally unrelated to your existing client base.

You wouldn’t pass up on FREE or PAID For Leads would you? (Sometimes speakers get paid. You can’t beat that – getting paid to generate leads for your direct sales business! Wow!)

Say it: I am a public speaker!

Getting Started In Public Speaking

People often ask how to get started in public speaking and say “What would I talk about?”

Here is a simple way to decide what you will offer the organizations when you begin to make your calls. Think about these questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your life purpose?
  • What is your business purpose, your brand?
  • Which part of you will have value to groups?

Make A List

Keeping those questions in mind, write four lists each with about 10 entries on each.

List your passions, your skills, your hobbies, and your business skills, products or motivations.

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It might go something like this:

Children’s eating habits
Environmental issues
Chemical-free living
Whole foods

Web design

Body building

Direct Sales Business Motivation Or Expertise
Recipe creator
Human resources management
Business training
Increase metabolism

It doesn’t really matter what you have in each category.

The topics do not have to relate to your business for you to get leads.

If you snowmobile for a hobby then write it down. If you are a good swimmer as a skill then that is good too. The point here is to dig deep and find at least 10 for each category. You should have no less than 40 topics to pick from.

Public Speaking Means Providing Value

Which have the most value to the audience?

No matter what direct sales business you are in, your mission is to provide value for others. When you are able to do that for your audiences you will be a good public speaker too.

After the lists are done, go back to the original questions.

  • Which ones of these topics are you most comfortable with?
  • Which of the topics are best presented to groups?

Pick out three of the 40 on the list and determine the benefits to your audience.

Taking the three that you selected, get a new paper and list the benefits or value of each topic.

Again, think of as many values as you can come up with for each topic.

Using my list above, I have selected one of my topics as increasing metabolism.

The Value Of Increased Metabolism
Not tired
Feel better
Keep up with the kids
Get more done
Stronger immune system
Fewer colds
You can eat more
More energy

Title Your Public Speaking Events

getting started in public speaking
Now that you have three topics or possible events and you know all the benefits or value of them for the participants it is time to write a SNAPPY title and an equally snappy subtitle.

The title gets their attention and the subtitle tells them what it is all about.

For example continuing with the increase metabolism topic:

Title: The Jack Rabbit Energy Workshop

Subtitle: I teach you how to have the energy and spring of 12 jack rabbits on a trampoline.

Pretty SNAPPY, Huh?!
how to become a public speaker

How about this one?

Title: Be A Red Beet, Not A Deadbeat!

Subtitle: Become a superhuman growing superfoods for exercise and nutrition.

The point of the subtitle is to give the listener a brief one-line description with some emotional value. The subtitle needs to be short, to the point, and leaving them wanting more. It should have an impact to the emotions.

I mean like really…. who wouldn’t want to have the energy and spring of 12 jack rabbits anyway?!

It Takes Time To Be SNAPPY

The process of creating speaking topics takes a few days. Allow your subconscious mind do some of the work by not forcing the issue.

Be willing to step out of your comfort zone a bit. It is OK to feel a bit uncomfortable the first time you tell someone that your topics are:

The “Jack Rabbit Energy Workshop” and “Be A Red Beet, Not A Deadbeat

The SNAPPY titles will catch them and the subtitles will make them want more. When they ask what the Jack Rabbit Energy workshop is you just say “I can teach you how to have the spring and energy of 12 jack rabbits on a trampoline… When does your group meet?”

Take Advantage Of Your Subconscious Mind

Don’t write the speech until you have a dated speaking engagement.

Again, allow your subconscious mind to do some work while you do the calls. When someone gives you a date, you will be able to write a speech in a flash because your subconscious mind has done all the work.

Get Leads Through Public Speaking

The summary of how to get started in generating paid-for (or at least free) leads for your direct sales business:

  1. List your topics.
  2. Pick out 3 topics with the best value that are going to market.
  3. List the benefits or value to the group, client or organization. How will the members benefit from the topic or your speech?
  4. Write a snappy title for each.
  5. Write an equally snappy subtitle that conveys the emotional value to the group in a quick one-liner.
  6. Make your calls.
  7. Write up a page description to use as a mailing piece when requested and not before.
  8. Write your speech when you date a speaking engagement.

The way you become a public speaker is to just start doing it!

The more contacts you make the more you will be able to fine tune things, so do not wait until everything is perfect to get started in public speaking!


    Shared by: Carrie:

    Okay Deb…so while I’ve always shuddered when you suggest promoting yourself as a speaker, I did that presentation this past weekend at a Women in Ag conference for the Maryland Farm Bureau Women’s committee. I had no idea how to talk about tea when I wasn’t selling it at a party. But I took your comments, and I introduced myself, and the company I represented. I went ahead and talked a little bit about the company, and then went into the agriculture of tea including planting, location, harvesting, and serving. The thing most commented on the review sheet for my portion was that I was a fun speaker, and that I knew my subject material because I never said the word “um.”

    I had asked for a display table as part of being there. And I had a display…and catalogs. And out of 50 women, 30 took catalogs, 2 booked tea parties with me. And the Farm Bureau staff asked if I would be willing to do some other talks for other groups for them.
    I wanted to thank you for helping me come out of my safety box and do something I have been scared to do! I’m now going to approach other groups to do the same.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Way to go, Carrie – Congratulations on that and thanks for stopping by to say so!!

    Shared by: Stephanie:

    Hi Deb! I\’ve overwhelmed (in a positive way) by all of the information you provide. I am super excited to have found you and will be following you closely for a long time!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Cool, Stepanie – thanks for saying so…. spread the word and keep on leaving comments, love it!

    Shared by: Joy Farley:

    How do I find places to speak? Where do I start?

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      The best way to get started is to offer yourself to clubs, libraries and organizations. Most areas have a slew of clubs that meet weekly or monthly that need free speakers. This is another audio on speaking for leads.

      Plan your speak topics based on the ideas from this article then start calling clubs or organizations that offer workshops and I am sure you will find some. Examples: Jaycees, Kiwanis, Lions Club, Women’s Clubs, Libraries, etc.

      This topic is discussed in great detail in the Power Up program and the Elite Club:

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Hi Lisa,
    Good question, You can include a skin care one but chances are that one may or may not sell. You should be prepared to sprinkle your business into every demo no matter what it is.

    • All speakers tell a bit about themselves. Not sure if you do home parties, but like at a home party, you would tell your story in a minute or so, you would do the same thing at your speaking event. Focus on benefits and how you are impacting lives, etc. and give a bit of a bio.
    • During your presentation you can also sprinkle a bit here and there about the features and benefits of your home business. Like even if you are teaching knitting, you could say something like “I get to knit more often know that I work from home….” So, you see like at a home party you insert sprinkles that are a conversational manner that may create desire.
    • Do a wrap up, In your wrap up, allude again to your business such as, one of my other programs that I often do is “skin care solutions for busy moms”, so if anyone wants more info…..
    • Network after the event. Talk to the participants and use the 10 second rule, listen and wait for the opp to offer something.
    • I hope that helps. These articles may add to that if you have not read them yet:

    Shared by: Lisa:

    Thank you for the valuable information. I had a question though: How do I link my talk to my direct sales business? My ‘hobbies’ do not fall into my business which is skin care….. I do not know what to do about that? Also, at the end of your speech how do you exactly generate the leads (get the information from the attendees)? Thank you.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    All the posts are permanently listed on the website. This one was actually posted in October 2007. To find an old post just use the category drop down box for the topic you are looking for or the search feature in the header bar.

    When calling organizations, it sometimes takes more calls to get results because you usually get passed around before getting to the appropriate party. Depending on the type of group the approach may be different. Clubs or organizations = try asking if they need a free speaker or fund-raiser coordinator and who should you talk to. Corporate = human resources, libraries = special event planners. Really the best way to find out how to approach the call is to start making them. You will learn more about who to ask for and also what types of services or education they need. One of the reasons you do not write your speech until after it is booked is because you may find that something else on your list has more value when you begin to talk to groups.

    This is what the Power UP set is all about… filling your calendar through simple (FREE) creative systems that bring results. Finding Unlimited Leads

    Shared by: Merilyn Strange:

    Deb, will this material remain on your site?

    Shared by: Merilyn Strange:

    Your advice is awesome Deb! You never cease to amaze me. Geezeeeee you have endless creativity. I sense a traing from Big Al!

    I like the way you have broken it all down into steps within the system. Very clear and precise.

    Can you elaborate a bit on the “calls”. How do you present your offering to the group?
    Who would you recommend as the main contact person to speak with?

    Thanks for your advice Deb.
    Merilyn 🙂

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