Help The Girl Scouts Get Badges

If you do it right when you help the Girl Scouts get badges you will get bookings for home parties too!

For that matter it could be the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Junior Achievement or any other youth group or club.

The leader or adult volunteer of any youth group is always looking for new ways to enhance the program!

Bookings Tip #42 –

Offer Yourself As A Girl Scout Badge Educator

The official Girl Scouts have rules within the organization that prevents them from using certain outside fundraising opportunities but they are certainly allowed to utilize outside educators.

Other youth-type groups similar to the Girl Scouts may or may not have the same limitations. Either way any youth group educational opportunity will expand your circle of influence with careful planning.

girl scouts get badgesDecide what educational skills you have that are of value to youth groups in general.

How can you provide value to the group?

You may want to read more about getting started as a public speaker to get you thinking outside the box.

I am sure you have many topics to offer, no matter what your product line is.

Make A Plan For Contacting Youth Groups

After you decide how you can provide an educational opportunity for the group, plan how you can leverage the opportunity to generate interest in your business.

  • Can you present a cooking class, spa makeover, scrapbooking session or fashion event that includes the Moms?
  • Would you be able to include a special handout for the group participants to take home (to their parents)?
  • Could the event be linked to a specific product that is a hostess gift only?
  • Can you coordinate a fundraising program with an educational opportunity?

An Example Of A Girl Scout Badge Event

I used to do an event for the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts that allowed them to earn their cooking badges.

I structured it in such a way that they were required to have a parent involved.

Depending on the age group the menu may be more complicated but for the younger ones we would make apple crisp and tea then serve the parents their creations.

The Moms or Dads would be in the other room with the recipes printed out and a catalog. It was not officially a fundraising event but something would always develop and I would pass something back to the group as a thank you.

Think about how you can meet new people and contribute to the community at the same time!

It is fun, rewarding and just one more way to meet new people for your business!

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