Hold Restaurant Parties & Bar Shows

One of the most productive ‘branches’ on my business tree was my restaurant parties or should I say bar parties.

More often they were held in bars, but either way it works, and both are great direct sales bookings ideas!

Booking Idea #15: Restaurant Parties

There are several reasons why restaurant parties are so beneficial.

What started out as a way to host shows with several hostess at once who either had few friends or a small house, turned into a opportunity for businesses and groups to host fund-raiser shows open to the public.

Initially, I started out with my first restaurant party with four hostesses who for whatever reason did not want to host a show in their own home.  At the very first event, which happened to be in a bar, we had so many strangers join us that I saw this as a tremendous opportunity to focus on.

  • Add a one-liner to your conversation at all your home parties: “I hold restaurant parties with multiple hostesses for those of you who want the benefits but do not want to clean your house.

The easiest thing to do is to pick a date every 6 weeks and just put the ‘restaurant party’ on your calendar. That way when you have a potential hostess ask about it, you just date it into the pre-scheduled party and give her a hostess packet.

Bar Parties For Fund-Raiser Show

What I found was that when you hold a party in a bar (and a restaurant to a lesser extent) people wander in who were not invited.
restaurant parties
That is a good thing!!

We love party crashers!

Sandy Kreps, of The Scentsy Family, created this marketing idea for the goody bags at a restaurant party fund-raising event that she sponsored. 

All the guests got both.

A fund-raiser show held in a bar always attracts attention!

You can have one or several hostesses involved or it can be a event that you promote and stage yourself. A restaurant or bar has many advantages.

  • The room rental is free or very affordable.
  • There are a lot of walk-in clients.
  • Food is available if you want to provide it.
  • Guests can buy their own.
  • No one has to clean their house!

Consider bars and restaurants as possible sponsors of events, host your own, or group several organizations together for one big event!

Motorcycle groups are especially open to the bar party fund-raiser!

Get People To Restaurant Parties?

Treat your restaurant parties as you would any home party when it comes to promoting it. In most cases YOU are doing the majority of the networking and promoting.

If you have a few hostesses or a sponsor involved you should hostess coach them as if it was a regular show. Get them excited!!!

If you are promoting it yourself then do everything you would ask a host to do and MORE!

  • Promote it in social networks and groups
  • Blog about it
  • Use posters
  • Put it in the newspaper calendars and free papers
  • Have electronic and hard copy invitations
  • Keep a list
  • Call everyone and remind them
  • Etc…..

A fund-raiser show or event does not have to be your typical ‘home party’ when it comes to the demonstration.  It could be a walk-in event or it could be a networking event or you may choose to have a predetermined show time. You could event treat it like a vendor event.

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    Shared by: Katie D.:

    Also this was a fantastic article. Especially since summer bookings tend to be on the slow side.

    Shared by: Katie D.:

    What are your thoughts on providing the food/drink for the guests? Do you the rep pay for it? Do you ask the hostesses to split it? Or do you have guests pay for their own? I’m wondering if guests don’t like the idea of paying for their own. Thoughts?

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      It is entirely up to you, Katie – I think, Sandy provided minimal snacks like cheese and crackers then left the rest open to the guests or the hosts.

      When I had them in bars each guest bought their own foods and drinks. Chances are they were going to go out on a Friday night anyway so why not this…

      Play with different things and find your niche!

    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    Thanks for sharing my picture, Deb! Most often, I am my own host for restaurant parties, but I do love the idea of getting a few hosts together to co-host also.

    If you are staring at an empty calendar or have a cancellation, then a restaurant party is a great way to fill the gap. You can create a public Facebook event, invite anyone, and welcome other diners to join your group. Adding a charity aspect or raffling off host rewards also gets people excited. It’s fun to give!

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